Untalkative Bunny (partially found episodes of animated series; 2001-2004)

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Screenshot from the missing episode "Squirrel Party"

Status: Partially Lost

Untalkative Bunny is a Canadian/British cartoon that aired on Teletoon from 2001 to 2004 for three seasons (following a pilot in 1999), each episode consists of five 4 to 5 minute segments.


The show is about the adventures of a mute yellow bunny and its life in the big city.[1]


Though many segments have resurfaced as low quality recordings from Teletoon that can be found on YouTube, Kisscartoon, and a torrent on the defunct site Kickass Torrrents, some segments have either only been partially found or still completely lost. There is one known DVD release called "Untalkative Bunny Season 2, Volume 1" which is currently available on Amazon. Ironically, the pilot itself, which aired as part of the KaBlam! episode "KaFun!", was one of the only surviving segments from that particular KaBlam! episode until the entire episode was eventually unearthed and uploaded by Mark Marek.

Status of Episodes

Season 1:

  • Chocolate Bunny - Found
  • Airplane Ride - Found
  • Sheep Federation - Found
  • Turkey - Found
  • Pet Shop - Found
  • Fishing Trip - Found
  • Squirrel Party - Lost
  • Mangoose - Found
  • Summer Camp - Found
  • Weather Report - Found
  • Fashion Bunny - Found
  • On Vacation - Found
  • Vegetable Factory - Found
  • Bungee Bunny - Found
  • Sports Store - Found
  • Acting School - Found
  • Gymnastics- Found

Season 2:

  • Goodbye TV - Found
  • A Show For Everyone - Found
  • Hoard All You Can - Found
  • Video Game Challenge - Partial (Most of it is intact, but it seems like its missing a bit footage, and I don't mean the intro or title card)
  • Robotic Home Beauty Centre Deluxe - Partial
  • Get a Lifestyle - Partial
  • Larry Tunes - Partial

Season 3:

  • Journey To The Bottom of The Hat - Partial
  • Day Trip - Partial
  • Urban Gardener - Partial


Due to Kickass Torrents getting seized by the FBI in July 2016, the torrent containing various Untalkative Bunny episodes cannot be downloaded from KAT, but it does exist on lesser known torrent sites, though Lost Media Wiki contributor Bman78 has uploaded the contents of the torrent on the file sharing site MEGA.

On March 11th 2017, Lost Media Wiki user tomatohentai ripped three of the partially found episodes from the Season 2, Volume 1 DVD. The rips have minor issues due to light disc scratching.

Certain episodes were uploaded to MySpleen by user Glenn50.


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