Untitled Prince Documentary (lost unreleased Kevin Smith film; 2001)

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Kevin Smith (left) and Prince (right).

Status: Lost

The Untitled Prince Documentary is an unreleased Kevin Smith-directed documentary film centering around Prince and his fans discussing music.


The documentary was meant to be a set of footage with Prince discussing music with his fans. In the end, Prince was said to have wanted to edit the film into a promotional video for Jehovah's Witnesses.

All of this came about when Kevin Smith called Prince asking if he may use one of his songs for his upcoming film at the time Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Smith and Prince began a discussion involving religion after Prince stated that he was a fan of Smith's film Dogma for said reasons.


While the shooting was completed, the footage has barely ever seen the light of day. Only bits and pieces of the footage have been seen in the public, mostly as promotional material for The Rainbow Children album and as background video at some of Prince's live concerts.

The rest of the footage is sealed in "Prince's vault" with the rest of Prince's "lost" material. It is unknown whether the documentary footage or any other media from Prince sealed in the vault will ever see the light of day.


Kevin Smith on his experience with Prince during the filming.

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