Urikupen Kyuujo-tai (partially found anime series; 1974-1975)

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Still from an episode.

Status: Partially Found

Urikupen Kyuujo-tai (ウリクペン救助隊 Urikupen Rescue Team) is a Japanese anime series that ran from 1974-1975. The series follows four animals (rabbit Seitaro Usagi, squirrel Risu, bear Kuma, and penguin Uri Kupen) that rescue other animals from danger. Each full serial (or set of episodes) was stretched across the week, and a total of 156 episodes were made.[1]

Many episodes were broadcast in the USA for Japanese audiences. Episodes were approximately 5 minutes each and were typically aired alongside blocks of other short programs.[2] No episodes are currently available with English subtitles. However, three full episodes of a VHS-ripped Norwegian dub of the show (retitled "Jungelpatruljen," or "Jungle Patrol" in English) have been uploaded on YouTube and are available to view below.


Jungle Patrol Episode 1.
Jungle Patrol Episode 2.
Jungle Patrol Episode 3.
Jungle Patrol Episode 4.