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Hello, I'm CallMeClarkson. I've been into lost media for years at this point and I'm a big fan of Top Gear, and some and anything car related.

I have created a few lost media pages including the following:

Articles I've Created

Number Title Date of creation Notes
1 Star Wars: A New Hope (lost original "Luke Starkiller" scene of sci-fi film, 1977) 9 July 2022 My first article and an interesting one at that. It'd be so odd if this one day gets released and seeing Luke Hamill introduce his arguably most famous role as "Luke Starkiller" instead of "Luke Skywalker".
2 Penguinz0 (lost early videos by YouTuber, 2007-2010) 22 August 2022 His video really inspired me to make this article, it was a very interesting one to make. Sucks that most of his early stuff his gone, let's hope some get recovered.
3 Ice King steals Christmas (partially found Christmas themed Cartoon Network bumpers, 2015-2018-2018) 19 December 2022 I watched these bumpers when I was younger and remember them well, shocked to see most haven't been archived.
4 Moe Syzlak (lost unaired original Christopher Collins dialouge of The Simpsons character, 1989) 15 November 2023 I wanted to make this article for the longest time, I remember scrolling through the Simpsons wiki one day and finding the inspiration to make this article.
5 Abadon vs Tay Conti (lost footage of professional wrestling match, 2020) 19 January 2024 I'm pretty sure everyone forgot about this incident a week after it happened, but it still constitues as an interesting lost media article.
6 The House Always Wins (lost footage of non-televised wrestling event; 2021) 24 January 2024 Interesting one. Apparently it's going to be released one day, let's hope that is soon.