Custom information
Custom 1My full name is Civan Corches. I live in the Netherlands. I am the founder of Polygon Cartoons.
Custom 2I like searching for lost media, but I am easily spooked. So, I try to be careful while searching for lost media.
Custom 3I first entered very late into the ADWSS search. I then tinkered around, trying to find stuff. I found some of the "lost" Turkish Ben 10 games. I also found the site where the Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones banned episodes Risk-Robotic Graffiti was mentioned. I finally found an old storyboard from the lost Flapjack pilot. I had a few contributions on the search for the Clock Man short. But now, I'm on the search for Flapjack's lost pilot.
Other information
TVMy favorite show on TV is Danny Phantom (even though I'm not well versed in the lore). The Amazing World of Gumball comes a really close second.
MusicI love Ray Charles's music. Especially, Hit the road, Jack.
BooksThe Adventures of Tintin. No explanation needed.
Video gamesThe Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but most Nintendo and some Sega franchises will do. I like Crash Bandicoot too.
SnacksMost kinds of meat (no offense to vegans).
DrinksMilk (again, no offense to vegans).
Personal information
Real nameCivan "Poly" Corches
LocationVeldhoven, Netherlands
HometownIstanbul, Turkey
BirthdayMarch 6th
Places I have livedIstanbul, Veldhoven
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