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Yes, as you can see I am one of them "furry" people.

Status: click clacking at my board of keys.

Prepare to be a m a z e d. . .

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Look at this cat!

Hello there! I'm fluffmallow, though you can either call me fluff, Mal, or James. Your pick. I'm just a person who spends too much time on the internet. I'm an admin for this very wiki you're reading this on and I also do things in the Discord server for this interweb wiki site. While I have created some articles in the past, I mostly spend my time here editing other people's articles and doing moderation work. I also occasionally host events in the Discord server such as music nights. If you ever need to contact me about anything relating to the wiki, my usertalk and Discord DMs are open (make sure to join the LMW Discord before DMing me if you decide to go through Discord). I don't bite. 😉

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Links/Social Media[edit | edit source]

My Sandbox

My Usertalk