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Status: Alive

Date found: Apr 2017

Found by: Unknown

Don't Tell my Mummy I Use the Internet!

Hey there! I am Dark_Timur and I luuve finding lost media. Frankly this is my hobby. I do look for my own lost media as well, though most of the media I am after are not yet on LMW.

I live in Sydney, Austalia.

My Future Plans on LMW

I plan to back up all the found media and LMW itself on the LTO tapes. This is planned to be done before the end of 2017, particularly when I finish with my assignments and my personal life becomes still.

I also try contributing to this wiki on a weekly basis.

Lost & Found Media on LMW I am Interested In

Name Article created by me Interest Status Found by Links Extra notes
The Bethke brothers tape Yes Very high Partially found
Miss Peach World No Medium Found
Pinwheel "Clock Man" No Medium Found
Vladimir Putin home video Yes Low Lost

If you believe you found something on these articles, feel free to PM me.

Stuff I am Interested In

  • Ancient writings
  • Medicine
  • Scholar writings and books
  • Everything politics
  • Devices' flash files, BIOSes and firmwares
  • Military software and hardware
  • Number stations and spy-transmissions (more info)
  • International and transnational criminology
  • Rare videos (including sextapes)
  • Videos made under extreme conditions
  • Videofilm/videotape-stored movies and recordings
  • Some cart-stored ROMs (Mostly for NES, SNES and GBA platforms)
  • Bootlegs of any sort
  • Flash games

List of Media Found by Me

Coming soon