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My will to live.

Status: Lost

My Bio

yo, I decided to update my bio since it was crap. I am 13, I live in Canada, I call my self the ULTIMATE FANGIRL, I tend to get paranoid at times, I mean heck, I'm paranoid everybody on this wiki hates me, I won't blame them though. I have another account, CallieLove80 I think, barely use it, we may act differntly but we are the same person, i do have a girlier, cuter and bubblier side to me, my personality changes a lot, almost like every year, i dunno why, maybe it's just because i want to rebrand my self every year so i can try to make freinds, i barely have any, i do have one, I'll just call him Jack, Jack loves Jojo's bizzare adventure, i tried to watch it but my dad (Don't worry dad, i understand why) won't let me. I like Vocaloid, Danganronpa, Gorillaz, FNAF, BATIM, and a lot of other stuff. I've written one article, it sucks though. I love lost media, just the creepy vibe about it, doesn't matter what is lost, heck it could be a two minute video of puppies and it still is kinda creepy, i guess it's the fear of the unknown. I'm in the 7th grade and I use my school computor to edit stuff. also I hate my username, I don't know why i made it Deathnipple6660, I guess I was bored or something, if there is a way to change it please let me know, if i were to change it i would make it Clockwork666, now that's a cool username, i would keep the 666 in it cause it's edgy and pisses people off, i'm not a satanist, i'm actually an atheist. I also like paleontology because dinosaurs are lit. I also like SCP, you should check it out, It's pretty good, My favorite Scp would have to be 035, dunno why, I just like it even though it's a creepy ass mask that posseses people, my favorite researcher would have to be Dr. Clef, even though he is human garbage, he's just so entertaining! Maybe I should list some things I hate, I hate spicy food (except chiken wings and Talkis, those are awesome), i hate MLP, like, why would you need a show to teach you how to be a decent human being? also, the fandom is awful, if you do like MLP, that's cool, we all have different tastes, plus I mentioned I liked FNAF, now i know FNAF is trash, but i grew up with it, I was around 8 or something when it came out. now, maybe i should end my bio here, it's longer than any article I've written, which is probably a bad thing, anyway, if y'all need me to help out around here, just go to my talk page, i'm here on Monday to Friday from 9:15 to 3:30, I don't know my time zone so that information is pretty much useless, anyway, bye! PS: sorry about me being annoying a lot, i know this is also getting annoying but i have a problem with repeating myself, i messed up a lot and i feel awful and i'm just hoping somebody would forgive me, also sorry if it looks like i'm trying to get attention, it's just i'm a bit scared of getting banned or people hating me. i really like this site, i don't wanna be known as the annoting dumb kid. fuck this is probably not helping, i just need to vent.

Articles i've written

  • The Great American Census Quiz (Lost Disney attraction) (Will probably delete later, god this article stinks, i'm ashamed of it, i dunno how to delete articles and i dunno how to fix it. i'll probably also never show my face ever again because of this. man y'all probs hate me because of this)

Good songs that are good for you

Hopefully you enjoy these. i like these songs a lot and i kinda have an emotinal connection to them.