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(The following summary of Me (sum-Me-ry) is also available for reading here.)

I'm like a very, very demented train-wreck in which nothing actually catches fire, but for whatever reason, teddy bears burst forth from the colliding trains.


The Seven Colors: Legend of PSY・S City (found Masaya Matsuura computer game; 1993) [FOUND 23 May '15]

The Goodman Family - Fortress of Love (found Goodman Family documentary; 1996) [FOUND 16 Aug '14]

Keep Left w/ Phineas & Ferb's Dan Povenmire (found album by rock band and Phineas and Ferb creator Dan Povenmire; 1996) [FOUND 27 Apr '14]

Songs to Wear Pants To (partially lost songs and videos from music website; mid-2000s-2010s)

The Puzzle Place (partially found puppet TV series; 1994-1998)

In preceding/proceeding years, I've become a little obsessed with the idea of preserving things that mean a lot to me. The Internet doesn't do a very good job of archiving things on their own accord (no offense, Wayback Machine, you know you're my No. 1 squeeze), and so I feel it's a worthwhile endeavour to preserve the sanities of other people by taking on a bit of this weighty responsibility myself while I still have a little energy left in my hollow human frame.

I try not to spread myself too thin on the Internet, but here's a little rundown of all the places I do things while I can still remember them, myself.

Since 2007, I've been devoted to my "original" (debatable, at times) content YouTube channel. I tend to be a little sporadic and erratic, being predictable in only that I'm pretty unpredictable has its merits-- Not to say there aren't common threads! I just don't tend to do anything people "want" me to, per se. Skits, shorts, spoofs, toons, tunes--musical remixes, musical covers, musical karaoke, musical original (not to undermine the original-ness of anything else mentioned) compositions, voice impressions, voice monologues, voice poetry, rigorously ridiculous choreography, hemi-demi-semi-vlogs, semi-automatic obscure gaming clips, and semi-Demi-Moore educational school assignments ... and the list will inevitably go on.

And here's where it actually gets connected to Lost Media Wiki -- I have a HUGE second channel currently (that got taken down once. Ugh.) that has nothing but hard-to-find stuff I've hunted down. Hunted down like a dog. A very missing dog with no reward posted except the warm feeling you get when you do something good for somebody in need. And if it's software I'm finding, it tends to go public through my Macintosh Garden account. Macintosh Garden, Lost Media Wiki, and Adventure Legends, together, are probably the Holy Trifecta of Lost Pop Culture Awareness.

... And with that metaphor, I guess I'm done with Lost Media Wiki in any direct way now. Sad. Unless you count the fact that now the point of this media is a little lost on people now. Whatever, almost everything I do links back in some small way or another to the idea of archival. Every thing is archival, when you think about it. The moment it's on the Internet, it's archi-- MOVING ON!

I also have been the sole proprietor of what started off as a collaborative Wordpress blog in 2009. Considering I'd attempted a blog twice before and failed miserably, I consider this to be a major creative victory on my part. I primarily archive my bizarre dreamlife (not to be confused with the life I want to have) on it, along with hosting knick-knacks too knick-knack-y for YouTube, listing my music-ography, archiving short prose, plays and poetry, and sometimes even talking about things that happen to me. (Scandalous!)

For anyone particularly interested in my music, a select collection is up on Bandcamp. The rest is probably hidden on the previous mentioned Wordpress blog, or on my Soundcloud! Or you could just ask me for music. Yeah. That's a thing, I suppose!

This has been the slowest adjustment to me, but I've always had aspirations to learn to program (which is why you'll see me haunt Stackoverflow every now & not-now), and so I have a prepped and repped.'in' to go.

And beyond that, I have two Tumblr blogs -- NEITHER for reblogging at ALL, amazingly enough. Aren't you proud of me? One's for a long-running Hey Arnold! musical project made by me and an incredibly important someone, Amanda. The second blog is for archiving things, addressing topics that no one else would dare, and making ridiculous GIFs. I also try to never go on Reddit (at least not in that way, hahaha), but it really has come in handy every now and again for the most esoteric of subjects! (I also seem to have acquired two comment-y profiles in a similar vein-- Disqus and IntenseDebate. It happened so naturally, I barely noticed.)

I used to have a dot com, and... I still do! And it's got an amazing Javascript quote randomizer.

I also have a Patreon somehow. It is teeming with life. My life.

The only forum I've actually really ever attended for a sizable amount of my life is Burning Horizon's H*R Fan-Forum, starting off in 2003, working my way up the corporate ladder to the honourable (and terrifying) position of "Super Moderator". (I don't think there's any... normal moderators anywhere anymore, to be honest.) Besides that, merely for the sake of completion, you may or may not find 1+ post(s) from me at any of the following communities -- So Weird, GBATemp, TVTropes, WiiUISO (suspended), DarkUmbra (sometimes unavailable), Junior Adventures Network,, PorpleMontage Studios, Brickfilms, Hidden in the Sand, Lemon Demon, Farfromsubtle, Pogomix, WikiLemon, NGEmu, Unfiction, IMDb, Squirtthecat, YuGiOh! The Abridged Series, Hiddeninthesand, Buck Hated February, Behindthevoiceactors and Adventuregamers-- and any of the following website hosts, Geocities (rest in geocaches), Bravehost, Photobucket, MAJ/MAJhost (Come back, please!) and Brickshelf. Through lost media endeavours, I have also found my way onto a couple trackers: Cinemageddon, MySpleen and JPopsuki. Also, Nandato?!'s cool, though far from private!

And we have found our way to the end of this comprehensive list of everything that was set to spill out the exhaust pipe of my brain at any given moment. Thank you, no-character-limit profile. Thank you for everything.