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Custom 1Currently working on, Super famicom BS-X missing/incomplete games, N64 DD unreleased/undumped (lost) games, Amigo and friends, and other smaller articles.
Other information
MoviesTarantino flicks, Cohen brothers,Spielberg, J.J. Abrams,Lucas, Ghibli, Disney-Robin hood and 101 Dalmatians respectively,Nightmare on elm street, The raid, old boy (koren).
TVAdventure time, metalocalypse, amazing wold of gumball, list, bobs burgers, Viceland, any vintage cartoons: mgm and tom and Jerry

Anime: when they cry, one punch man, persona adaptations, stg frog, lucky star, and others I cannot spell correctly.

MusicVarious rock,metal and techno genre I just don't like country and most rap

Iv have been listening to, nephew, renard,and cheeseburger

BooksHitch hikers guide to the galaxy is currently what I'm reading, other wise I usely cheak out vintage works. For comics it's rocket and groot. Webcomic:homestuck, snafu and vgcats.
Video gamesNintendo will always be a company i will support. Psyconauts,spyro the dragon, pokemon heart gold ,and ff8 are my some of my all time favorites.
SnacksUuuuhhhh peaches are my favorite fruit!
DrinksMnt dew, and local brew.
Personal information
WebsitesDon't have one but I can tell you some awesome websites.
SchoolsCurrently going, to major as a computer technician.
About meCame here to prove that any media is worth saveing. As well as it drives me nuts that any show even if it aired recently, or years ago for 4 seasons gets lost!

Personaly animation and the horror genre are my favorites. I currently whant to find jokebook!

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posted 5 days ago

Did you get a reply from Kevin Smith?

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