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Hi, I'm Johnny 2x4! I help the Lost Media Community find lost media, typically lost media that I know of, not random articles, but I will step out of my comfort zone to help out. Below is listed some of the things that I or my trustworthy friend CnFan123 have found. Keep in mind if we work together and we find something, we count that as us both finding it, to make it fair. I hope you can appreciate the contributions I've made so far!

Brain Rush[edit | edit source]

Found 1 and a half minute clip of Brain Rush.

Tats TopVideos[edit | edit source]

Me and CnFan123 together found 9 of lost Tats TopVideos.

Bobb'e Says[edit | edit source]

Me and CnFan123 found some screenshots for the lost episodes of Bobb'e Says.