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Pic by A Thomas & Mario Dude on Fandom

Status: OATMEAL!

I am a toy collector who likes film history, bootlegs, and old memes.

My Beebylon Search

Since Shrek has ben found now we can look for Beebylon I am looking for a film named Beebylon I have been the main searcher for the film and has been very fun!

Where is Dr. T?

Many people have wondered what ever happened to me? Well, I am at my melon farm in an archipelago enjoying myself. No, I am not still mad that a very certain man put me to rest! Yes, I still hang out with my sea turtles and sometimes I still spy on the Gunboats and play Boom Beach. And no, I am definitely not anticipating the next time that [DATA EXPUNGED] will return to the lands that is [DATA EXPUNGED]!



Dr.T's Explanation

You like jazz?

when it sunday