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MortoQueiba is a loser currently following Lost Media Wiki. He mostly works as a professional converter of oxygen into carbon dioxide. But after a long hard day of work, MortoQueiba likes to collect and watch horror movies that aren't actually scary. Preferrably campy stuff (like The Dead Hate the Living and/or The Lost Boys), but he does like the classics as well. MortoQueiba also conveniently doubles as a weirdo who watches cartoons based on ancient video games (such as Captain N the Game Master and/or Donkey Kong Country), going so far as to collect DVDs of those as well. This creature can commonly be found in yard sales and flea markets, browsing through peoples' collections of disney tapes like a creep in search of more obscure horror movies and bad cartoons. Sometimes he picks up home-recorded tapes to repair broken ones. Though he does not help seek out lost media, he keeps up to date with Lost Media Wiki in case he finds a tape containing something that a more normal human being may be looking for.

MortoQueiba's contributions to Lost Media Wiki:

2015/09/20 Web Junk 20 (Partially Found Television Web Countdown Series; 2006) Created page.
2016/01/19 Saturday Supercade (Partially Found Ruby-Spears Animated Series; 1983-1985) Updated Q*Bert section with the episodes available on DVD.
2016/02/13 Little Shop (found animated TV series; 1991) Updated with two newly found episodes, title card image, minor rearranging.
2016/03/18 Out of Jimmy's Head (Partially Lost Cartoon Network Series; 2007-2008) Added an episode list including the episodes confirmed on DVD. Added Sick Day clips and emmy DVD info. Minor rewriting of the last paragraph.
2016/03/19 La planète de Donkey Kong/DKTV (partially found French programming block; 1996-2001) Created page.
2016/04/05 Cousin Skeeter (partially lost Nickelodeon live-action/puppet series; 1998-2001) Created page.
2016/04/08 The Puzzle Place (Partially Found Puppet TV Series; 1994-1998) Updated with newly found episode.
2016/04/09 Butt-Ugly Martians (found CGI animated series; 2001-2004) Created page.
2016/04/19 Class of 3000 (partially lost original English dub of animated series; 2006-2008) Updated with found Romanian versions of lost episodes.
2016/08/16 London After Midnight (lost silent Lon Chaney film; 1927) Major re-write.
2016/08/28 Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? (Rare/Unreleased Original Voice Audio and Unfinished/Unknown Episodes) Major re-write.
2016/08/31 The King Kong Show (partially found animated series; 1966-1969) Created page.
2016/11/05 The Curse of Frankenstein - Acid Bath Scene (Lost Scene of Hammer Horror Film; 1957) Created page.
2017/01/14 Butt-Ugly Martians (found CGI animated series; 2001-2004) Updated article to reflect 'Found' status with new episode links.
2017/03/03 Bowl-Ed Over (lost Cartoon Network Power Play game; 2003) Major re-write.
2018/04/13 Deadly Friend (lost original version of film; 1986) Created page.