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A user that usually creates Filipino Lost Media pages, particularly lost and obscure commercials. Founder of Philippine Television Archives that focuses on archiving and finding PHTV footage.

Created articles

Number Title Date completed Notes
1 Anna Liza (lost Filipino drama TV series; 1980-1985) 27 October 2021 My first page! Took me like 30 mins to make this. This is about a popular but lost TV series in the Philippines.
2 OPS-PIA "Ripped Doll" (found Filipino child abuse PSA; 1997) 27 October 2021 A rather creepy Filipino PSA that was once on the internet but got removed.
3 Ang Panday (partially found Filipino animated series; 1986) 28 October 2021 The first Filipino animated series on television, albeit no full episodes have resurfaced.
4 Zoe TV (lost final sign off of Filipino TV Channel; 2005) 28 October 2021 An obscure final sign-off of a PHTV channel in 2005.
5 Philippine Basketball Association (partially found Filipino basketball games; 1975-present) 28 October 2021 This is similar to NBA, albeit Filipino version. Early games of this were lost, and even 80s-90s game footages are also lost.
6 680 Home Appliances (lost Filipino appliance store commercial; 1991-2000) 28 October 2021 Another obscure Filipino commercial. FOUND ON APRIL 3, 2023
7 Caronia (lost Filipino TV commercial for nail polish; 1968) 28 October 2021 The Blogspot page was actually found by a friend of mine, so I decided to make an LMW page of it.
8 Caritas Manila "Give to Catholic Charities" (partially found Filipino charity PSAs; 1994-2002) 29 October 2021 I actually wrote this during class LOL. This series of commercials are said to be creepy and unsettling to viewers, and there are two lost commercials of it so I decided to make a page of it.
9 T.G.I.S. (partially found Filipino TV series; 1995-1999) 29 October 2021 My favorite Filipino show that I watched last year. After learning there are lost media around it, I decided to make a page of it.
10 Growing Up (lost Filipino TV series; 1997-1999) 30 October 2021 Sequel of T.G.I.S., and sure enough this is more lost than T.G.I.S.
11 RA Homevision (lost commercial for Filipino video rental shop; 1990s) 30 October 2021 Probably the favorite page I ever made. This is an iconic commercial among the Filipinos and I decided to make a page of it to gather attention so that this commercial, I hope, will be found.
12 1 o' clock prayer (lost Filipino prayer habit interstitial; 1990s) 31 October 2021 A prayer habit interstitial that scared Filipinos in the 90s. So interesting that I decided to make a page of it.
13 GMA: Where You Belong! (partially found Filipino station ID; 1998-2002) 1 November 2021 An iconic station ID of GMA, and since the discoveries and the search about it is so interesting, I decided to make a page about it.
14 GMA-Ayala Millennium Party (partially found Filipino millennium new year countdown; 1999) 2 November 2021 The media that I always want to find. Still gives me goosebumps watching this footage, and I want to find the full broadcast of this.
15 Caress (lost commercial for Filipino nail polish; 1990s) 4 November 2021 Another lost and obscure Filipino commercial.
16 Epiderm-A (lost commercial for Filipino whitening lotion; 2000s) 5 November 2021 Another obscure Filipino commercial.
17 Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club (partially found Filipino live TV show for children; 1961-1992) 5 November 2021 One of the most wholesome pages I ever made. Uncle Bob is the Mister Rogers of the Philippines, sad he passed away in 2006.
18 Karne Ka Lang Sa Hazing (lost Filipino anti-hazing PSA; 1996) 6 November 2021 A creepy and obscure Filipino PSA mentioned in both reddit and Facebook.
19 GMA Sponsor Bumpers (partially found Filipino sponsorship bumpers of GMA Network; 2003-2006) 6 November 2021 Sponsor bumpers are practically a meme on the Filipino archiving community, but the 2003-2006 aren't so I decided to make a page of it.
20 Flash Report 2011 (found Filipino opening billboard for a newscast; 2011) 7 November 2021 20th page! This is a media that I found last June 2021 and I searched on this since May 2021.
21 Champola "Alone with Champola" (lost commercial for Filipino snack; 1990s) 8 November 2021 Some another obscure Filipino ad, this time it's animated.
22 ABS-CBN Worldwide Celebration of the New Millennium (partially found Filipino millennium new year countdown; 1999) 10 November 2021 Another lost millennium special, this time it's ABS-CBN's special.
23 Milagro sa Porta Vaga (lost Filipino religious drama film; 1982) 12 November 2021 First lost film I've made, since there's an active search about it.
24 Wanted (partially found Filipino public affairs show; 2011-2012) 14 November 2021 The show that gave popularity for Raffy Tulfo.
25 Nita Negrita (partially found Filipino TV series; 2011) 17 November 2021 A controversial Filipino show aired in GMA Network, due to the use of blackface. I don't really see GMA releasing this show, so i made a page about it.
26 Francisco Tatad's Proclamation No. 1081 speech (lost Filipino TV footage of the speech; 1972) 17 November 2021 One of the historical moments of Philippine TV or the media as a whole, still lost.
27 Council for the Welfare of Children "Per Kilo" PSA (found Filipino child trafficking PSA; 1999) 18 November 2021 Another found PSA I made a page for. The PSA was found on February 2021 on Adeevee.
28 Batibot (partially found Filipino educational show; 1984-2002) 18 November 2021 Sesame Street Filipino version. One of the iconic shows in the Philippines.
29 Please Pray the Rosary (partially found Filipino religious TV commercials; 1990s) 27 November 2021 One of another iconic ad of the Philippines. Found out there was a search about the scarlet version dating back to 2018, which is found last February.
30 Anatomy of a Disaster (partially found Filipino documentary series; 2010-2011) 29 November 2021 My friend and co-owner of Philippine Television Archives theFoggy found the pilot on his archives and with a little bit of research, I found out the series is lost/partially found so I decided to make a page about it. Also 30th page!
31 Biyaheng 2010 (partially found Filipino year-ender special; 2009) 29 November 2021 Been interested on this since 2020, and last September my friend found footage of it.
32 "SHABU" (lost Filipino anti-drug PSA; 1990s) 7 December 2021 Another lost creepy PSA, only recalled by eyewitnesses who saw it.
33 Twin Hearts (lost Filipino drama TV series; 2003-2004) 9 December 2021 A lost Filipino TV series, and the first teleserye which starred Karylle.
34 Sutla (found commercials for Filipino soap brand; 1990s) 9 December 2021 Found iconic commercials from 2020 with many variants of it found.
35 Family Kuarta o Kahon (partially found Filipino game show; 1962-2000) 10 December 2021 The longest Filipino game show, lasting for 38 years yet no full episodes resurfaced.
36 SM City North EDSA (lost commercial for Filipino shopping mall; 1990s) 15 December 2021 The only SM City North EDSA commercial that time, unfortunately lost to time. FIRST VERSION FOUND MARCH 3, 2023
37 "Fake Doomsday" (lost Filipino doomsday PSA; 1992) 16 December 2021 Another lost PSA that interests me, like what purpose or what organization that made this "doomsday" PSA?
38 PCSO "Sino Sila" (lost commercial for Filipino fundraiser; 1990s) 18 December 2021 Another lost Filipino PSA, said to be aired along that doomsday PSA.
39 Pinoy Thriller (lost Filipino horror TV series; 1986-1989) 18 December 2021 One of the iconic Filipino horror shows in the 80s. Unfortunately, no episodes or scenes resurfaced in the web.
40 Couples For Christ & Teodora Anti-Abortion Campaign PSAs (found Filipino series of abortion PSAs; 1999) 19 December 2021 Really disturbing Filipino PSAs, especially the Manger version found this year. Also 40th page!
41 Nano-Nano (lost Filipino English dub of Indonesian candy commercial; 1990s) 20 December 2021 A really iconic commercial and has a catchy jingle! Too bad the Filipino English dub is lost.
42 Sunny Orange (lost commercial for Filipino juice drink; 1970s) 21 December 2021 Another iconic Filipino commercial, this is like mentioned everywhere in Philippines along with Seiko Wallet. The jingle is also catchy too..
43 Seiko Wallet (lost commercial for Filipino wallet brand; 1980s-1990s) 22 December 2021 Same with Sunny Orange, known for its iconic slogan and jingle, with mentions everywhere in the Philippines.
44 Reunited (lost UPN sitcom; 1998) 24 December 2021 First foreign page I made, this made me interested since there's also a lot of UPN shows that are lost.
45 Tokyo 1960 (lost Filipino kaiju film; 1957) 25 December 2021 An obscure lost Filipino film based on Godzilla. I honestly want to see this film alongside Milagro sa Porta Vaga..
46 GMA-7 Manila Hostage Crisis coverage (found Filipino news coverage of hostage-taking incident; 2010) 28 December 2021 One of the biggest PHTV Archive's find this 2021...
47 ABS-CBN (lost final sign-off of Filipino TV channel; 1972) 19 January 2022 My first page made this 2022, sad that it got shut down last 2020.
48 Tuko sa Madre Kakaw (lost Filipino kaiju film; 1959) 19 January 2022 A very interesting movie, one of the lost kaiju films in the 1950s along with Tokyo 1960.
49 Trending 2011 (lost Filipino year-ender special; 2011) 03 January 2022 Forgot this page existed and i also forgot to write it here. sad that other promos got unarchived
50 Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato (lost Filipino TV soap opera; 1962-1963) 20 January 2022 The first Filipino soap opera aired on the historic DZAQ-TV.
51 Femina (partially found Filipino commercials of iron supplement; 2002) 23 January 2022 50th page! This is one of those EpidermA-styled lost commercials...
52 DZAQ-TV (lost footage of Filipino TV station's inaugural telecast; 1953) 23 January 2022 One of the pages that I extensively researched. Also one of the historic lost PHTV media.
53 Manila Industrial and Commercial Athletic Association (lost video footage of Filipino basketball games; 1938-1981) 12 February 2022 The predecessor of PBA, and one of the most interesting lost media for me.
54 Viewpoint (partially found Filipino public affairs television show; 1984-1994) 23 February 2022 One of the most renowned shows in PHTV, its host recently died last February 15.
55 Halika! Mag-Active and Active Living Na! (partially found Filipino "brandigration" TV show; 2007-2008) 8 March 2022 This was requested by a person, and this is really interesting.
56 Racumin (lost Filipino commercial for rodent killer; 1990s) 29 March 2022 Another interesting and creepy Filipino commercial..
57 GMA-7 "Star Trek" station ID (lost Filipino station ID; 1979) 23 April 2022 Probably one of the most iconic PHTV Station IDs, now lost to time.
58 Dial His Mother's Number (lost Filipino religious PSA; 1990s-2000s) 20 August 2022 One of the three ABC-5 produced religious PSAs, the other two being Please Pray The Rosary and 1 o' clock prayer.
59 Eat Bulaga! (partially found Filipino noontime variety show; 1979-present) 8 September 2022 One of the topics I really wanted to make since I first came here. This is one of my favorite noontime shows and I still frequently watch it.
60 Eraserheads "Alapaap" (partially found music video of Filipino rock band; 1995) 9 September 2022 I'm a big fan of Eraserheads and I didn't know they also have some lost media..
61 Dalagang Bukid (lost Filipino silent film; 1919) 28 October 2022 One of the most historical lost media of the Philippines, the first Filipino-produced film.
62 QTV-11 test broadcast (partially found test broadcast footage of Filipino TV station; 2005) 6 March 2023 This one made me curious back in 2020. There are more QTV lost media I'll write, soon!
63 Ang Aswang (lost Filipino talkie film; 1933) 7 March 2023 Another historical lost media, the first partial talkie film.
64 Eat Bulaga! "Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Richie D’ Horsie" (lost live TV apology; existence unconfirmed; 1982) 20 March 2023 One of the most controversial pages I've ever written, which I started writing last year. I hope there will be justice for Pepsi Paloma.
65 Eat Bulaga! Silver Special (partially lost TV special of the show’s 25th anniversary celebration; 2004) 26 April 2023 Probably the most notable Eat Bulaga lost media. With a user confirming he has the DVD and said that he is gonna upload it soon, this special would be found in the next few months ig
66 Durastar (lost commercials of Filipino appliance manufacturer; 1990s-2000s) 29 April 2023 Commercials that ran alongside the newly-found 680 Home Appliances commercial. Information about these are confusing, so there might be mistakes on dates and stuff.
67 Kung Mawawala Ka (partially found Filipino drama TV series; 2002-2003) 4 May 2023 Became intrigued with this ever since it became trending in Twitter. Sad to see that no one recorded a full ep of it when it aired internationally.
68 GMA-7 “It’s Where You Belong, GMA!” (partially found colorized version of the Filipino television network’s station ID; 1987-1989) 11 May 2023 The iconic station ID of GMA from 1987, 1988 until 1989. Gained popularity and nostalgia due to its epic edits of Philippines' landmarks at the beginning.
69 Myx's “Bloody Beating Heart” interstitial (lost broadcast interstitial on Filipino music channel; existence unconfirmed; 2011) 21 May 2023 An intrusion in Philippine TV? I don't think so. This is probably just one of the instances of ABS-CBN making creepy promos for their shows. Still, I hope a clip of this will soon resurface.
70 "Sampung Utos ng Diyos" (lost Filipino commercial about The Ten Commandments; 1980s) 29 May 2023 IBC-13 really has ALOT of unsettling commercials aired in the 80s to the 90s. The "13" probably explains it lmao
71 Hymen, oh Hyménée! (found painting of Juan Luna; 1887) 11 Jun 2023 Very interesting find. Juan Luna has a fair share of lost media too, and this is one of the historic Filipino found media this year.
72 Ferdinand Marcos’ Declaration of Martial Law speech (partially found speech of Filipino president; 1972) 16 Jun 2023 The fact that this is the 72nd page. Almost the 51st anniversary of this speech that changed the course of the country and its history itself. Never again.
73 GMA Network “I Wanna Be The Best” station ID (lost station ID of the Filipino television network; 1999) 13 Sept 2023 A really interesting PHTV media. There are more instances of networks mocking each other, and half of them are also lost media.
74 GMA Christmas Short Film Festival (partially found Filipino made-for-TV short films; 2006-2014) 21 Sept 2023 The most extensive page I made this year. I originally planned to make this last year but things got busy. On my way on making the GMA Telesine page!

Filipino lost media articles made by other people

Planned articles

Number Title About
1 Lost Filipino films There are a lot of lost Filipino films from the 50s and even up to the early 2000s as far as I know. I'll try to make one of them a page soon.
2 Lost Filipino PSAs & commercials There are also a lot of uncovered lost PSAs & commercials from the Philippines, and I'll try to make one of them a page soon.
3 Citynet Television (partially found footage of Filipino TV station; 1995-1999) Tackled and researched about this back on my UHF lost media video, I'll try to make a full-blown page about it soon.
4 GMA Telesine (partially found made-for-TV films; 1990s-2000s) This is vast. Like really, really, vast. A lot of Telesines were made and a lot of documentation is needed for this.

Philippine Television Archives' finds

As an archive owner, I had a lot of finds before I joined LMW that isn't really documented, and I'll try to document them here. There are also archivists that contributed which I'll list them here.

  • Imbestigasyon 2010: The GMA News and Public Affairs Year-End Special - 01 Jun 2021 (found by CLASSMC)
  • 2010 to '11: The GMA New Year Countdown - 03 June 2021 Partially Found (found by theFoggy, a part is lost as when he archived the videos last 2020 it is already deleted)
  • 24 Oras Weekend PILOT - 03 June 2021 (found by PJ Santos, IIRC he & theFoggy archived it on 2020)
  • Win na Win sa 2013: The GMA New Year Countdown - 06 Jun 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • Flash Report OBB 2011 - 15 Jun 2021 (found by CLASSMC)
  • Salubong sa Bagong Simula: ABS-CBN Countdown to 2010 - 29 Jul 2021 (found by theFoggy, archived since 2020)
  • Prosperity in 2010: The 2010 GMA New Year Countdown Partially Found - 12 Jun 2021 (found by theFoggy, part 1 only)
  • SEVERAL 24 ORAS/SAKSI EPISODES - AUGUST 2021 (found by theFoggy, PJ Santos, Flowing Water, CLASSMC)
  • Saksi/24 Oras Manila Hostage Crisis - 05 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • 24 Oras Manila Hostage Crisis Part 1 - 12 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • State of the Nation Address 2010: The GMA News Coverage - 18 Aug 2021 (found by CLASSMC)
  • Anatomy of a Disaster pilot episode - 19 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • GMA 2012 SID Launch - 23 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • Biyaheng 2010 partial footage - 04 Sept 2021 (found by MetricArchives)

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