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A user that usually creates Filipino Lost Media pages, particularly lost and obscure commercials. Founder of Philippine Television Archives that focuses on archiving and finding PHTV footage.

Created articles[edit | edit source]

Number Title Date completed Notes
1 Anna Liza (lost Filipino drama TV series; 1980-1985) 27 October 2021 My first page! Took me like 30 mins to make this. This is about a popular but lost TV series in the Philippines.
2 OPS-PIA Ripped Doll (lost Filipino child abuse PSA; 1998-2001) 27 October 2021 A rather creepy Filipino PSA that was once on the internet but got removed.
3 Ang Panday (partially found Filipino animated series; 1986) 28 October 2021 The first Filipino animated series on television, albeit no full episodes have resurfaced.
4 Zoe TV (lost final sign off of Filipino TV Channel; 2005) 28 October 2021 An obscure final sign-off of a PHTV channel in 2005.
5 Philippine Basketball Association (partially found Filipino basketball games; 1975-present) 28 October 2021 This is similar to NBA, albeit Filipino version. Early games of this were lost, and even 80s-90s game footages are also lost.
6 680 Home Appliances (lost Filipino appliance store commercial; 1991-2000) 28 October 2021 Another obscure Filipino commercial.
7 Caronia (lost Filipino TV commercial for nail polish; 1968) 28 October 2021 The Blogspot page was actually found by a friend of mine, so I decided to make an LMW page of it.
8 Caritas Manila (partially found Filipino series of TV commercials; 1994-2002) 29 October 2021 I actually wrote this during class LOL. This series of commercials are said to be creepy and unsettling to viewers, and there are two lost commercials of it so I decided to make a page of it.
9 T.G.I.S. (partially found Filipino TV series; 1995-1999) 29 October 2021 My favorite Filipino show that I watched last year. After learning there are lost media around it, I decided to make a page of it.
10 Growing Up (lost Filipino TV series; 1997-1999) 30 October 2021 Sequel of T.G.I.S., and sure enough this is more lost than T.G.I.S.
11 RA Homevision (lost commercial for Filipino video rental shop; 1990s) 30 October 2021 Probably the favorite page I ever made. This is an iconic commercial among the Filipinos and I decided to make a page of it to gather attention so that this commercial, I hope, will be found.
12 1 o' clock prayer (lost Filipino prayer habit interstitial; 1990s) 31 October 2021 A prayer habit interstitial that scared Filipinos in the 90s. So interesting that I decided to make a page of it.
13 GMA: Where You Belong! (partially found Filipino station ID; 1998-2002) 1 November 2021 An iconic station ID of GMA, and since the discoveries and the search about it is so interesting, I decided to make a page about it.
14 GMA-Ayala Millennium Party (partially found Filipino millennium new year countdown; 1999) 2 November 2021 The media that I always want to find. Still gives me goosebumps watching this footage, and I want to find the full broadcast of this.
15 Caress (lost commercial for Filipino nail polish; 1990s) 4 November 2021 Another lost and obscure Filipino commercial.
16 Epiderm-A (lost commercial for Filipino whitening lotion; 2000s) 5 November 2021 Another obscure Filipino commercial.
17 Uncle Bob's Lucky 7 Club (partially found Filipino live TV show for children; 1961-1992) 5 November 2021 One of the most wholesome pages I ever made. Uncle Bob is the Mister Rogers of the Philippines, sad he passed away in 2006.
18 Karne Ka Lang Sa Hazing (lost Filipino anti-hazing PSA; 1996) 6 November 2021 A creepy and obscure Filipino PSA mentioned in both reddit and Facebook.
19 GMA Sponsor Bumpers (partially found Filipino sponsorship bumpers of GMA Network; 2003-2006) 6 November 2021 Sponsor bumpers are practically a meme on the Filipino archiving community, but the 2003-2006 aren't so I decided to make a page of it.
20 Flash Report 2011 (found Filipino opening billboard for a newscast; 2011) 7 November 2021 20th page! This is a media that I found last June 2021 and I searched on this since May 2021.
21 Champola "Alone with Champola" (lost commercial for Filipino snack; 1990s) 8 November 2021 Some another obscure Filipino ad, this time it's animated.
22 ABS-CBN Worldwide Celebration of the New Millennium (partially found Filipino millennium new year countdown; 1999) 10 November 2021 Another lost millennium special, this time it's ABS-CBN's special.
23 Milagro sa Porta Vaga (lost Filipino religious drama film; 1982) 12 November 2021 First lost film I've made, since there's an active search about it.
24 Wanted (partially found Filipino public affairs show; 2011-2012) 14 November 2021 The show that gave popularity for Raffy Tulfo.
25 Nita Negrita (partially found Filipino TV series; 2011) 17 November 2021 A controversial Filipino show aired in GMA Network, due to the use of blackface. I don't really see GMA releasing this show, so i made a page about it.
26 Francisco Tatad's Proclamation No. 1081 speech (lost Filipino TV footage of the speech; 1972) 17 November 2021 One of the historical moments of Philippine TV or the media as a whole, still lost.
27 Council for the Welfare of Children "Per Kilo" PSA (found Filipino child trafficking PSA; 1999) 18 November 2021 Another found PSA I made a page for. The PSA was found on February 2021 on Adeevee.
28 Batibot (partially found Filipino educational show; 1984-2002) 18 November 2021 Sesame Street Filipino version. One of the iconic shows in the Philippines.
29 Please Pray The Rosary (partially found Filipino religious TV commercials; 1990s) 27 November 2021 One of another iconic ad of the Philippines. Found out there was a search about the scarlet version dating back to 2018, which is found last February.
30 Anatomy of a Disaster (partially found Filipino documentary series; 2010-2011) 29 November 2021 My friend and co-owner of Philippine Television Archives theFoggy found the pilot on his archives and with a little bit of research, I found out the series is lost/partially found so I decided to make a page about it. Also 30th page!
31 Biyaheng 2010 (partially found Filipino year-ender special; 2009) 29 November 2021 Been interested on this since 2020, and last September my friend found footage of it.
32 "SHABU" (lost Filipino anti-drug PSA; 1990s) 7 December 2021 Another lost creepy PSA, only recalled by eyewitnesses who saw it.

Philippine Television Archives' finds[edit | edit source]

As an archive owner, I had a lot of finds before I joined LMW that isn't really documented, and I'll try to document them here. There are also archivists that contributed which I'll list them here.

  • Imbestigasyon 2010: The GMA News and Public Affairs Year-End Special - 01 Jun 2021 (found by CLASSMC)
  • 2010 to '11: The GMA New Year Countdown - 03 June 2021 Partially Found (found by theFoggy, a part is lost as when he archived the videos last 2020 it is already deleted)
  • 24 Oras Weekend PILOT - 03 June 2021 (found by PJ Santos, IIRC he & theFoggy archived it on 2020)
  • Win na Win sa 2013: The GMA New Year Countdown - 06 Jun 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • Flash Report OBB 2011 - 15 Jun 2021 (found by CLASSMC)
  • Salubong sa Bagong Simula: ABS-CBN Countdown to 2010 - 29 Jul 2021 (found by theFoggy, archived since 2020)
  • Prosperity in 2010: The 2010 GMA New Year Countdown Partially Found - 12 Jun 2021 (found by theFoggy, part 1 only)
  • SEVERAL 24 ORAS/SAKSI EPISODES - AUGUST 2021 (found by theFoggy, PJ Santos, Flowing Water, CLASSMC)
  • Saksi/24 Oras Manila Hostage Crisis - 05 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • 24 Oras Manila Hostage Crisis Part 1 - 12 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • State of the Nation Address 2010: The GMA News Coverage - 18 Aug 2021 (found by CLASSMC)
  • Anatomy of a Disaster pilot episode - 19 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • GMA 2012 SID Launch - 23 Aug 2021 (found by theFoggy)
  • Biyaheng 2010 partial footage - 04 Sept 2021 (found by MetricArchives)

Social media[edit | edit source]