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Not an article. I'm hoping to create the most extensive list of obscure Edd Gould material that was produced by, was a collaborative effort involving, or endorsed by Edd Gould (such as Eddsworld guest comics). This will also document lost material. If you can, please contribute.

Even minute things such as GIFS, sketches, and art will make an appearance (basically, this is a full-fledged archive).

Operation: Reboot[edit | edit source]

Operation: Reboot was an Eddsworld: Legacy project intending to overdub music from older episodes that weren't specially produced for Eddsworld as well as remaster audio.

Notable changes[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Original versions available on the Eddsworld Newgrounds page

  • Zombeh Attack's opening, originally sequencing to "Blue Wrath" by I MONSTER, was replaced with the Fun Dead Theme. The scene where the trio discusses finding a place to hide had music entirely removed. The Music, "Numb" by Portishead that played during the scene inside of the port-a-potty was overdubbed. The fight scene between the trio and Matt's zombie horde, originally sequencing to "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba, was overdubbed with royalty free music by Kevin Macleod. The outro, originally sequencing to "The Gonk", was overdubbed with an 8-bit version of the Fun Dead theme
  • Christmas Special 2004's outro, originally closing to Blink-182's cover of "I Want to Be Home for Christmas", was overdubbed with Sam Houston's version of "Jingle Bells".
  • Christmas Special 2005's re-release audio consisted of original compositions created by Jonti "MrWeebl" Picking. The only song that wasn't changed was a midi version of DARE by Gorillaz (Played at 1:18)

Lost Shorts[edit | edit source]

Canceled shorts[edit | edit source]

(Just for you, Memphis -Paul)

  • Possibly lost/canceled Walkin' on the sunshine flash - On Edd's SheezyArt page, he briefly mentioned that he was working on a flash animation based off the song "I'm Walkin' On The Sunshine". He never released this, meaning that it was silently canceled or he possibly lost it.
  • Junior Senior collab - Also on SheezyArt, Edd mentioned in a journal that he would be hosting a Junior Senior collab. This journal was posted right before he told the internet about his first cancer diagnosis.

Blogs/News[edit | edit source]

LiveJournal[edit | edit source]


Lost Comics[edit | edit source]

Various installments from the Eddsworld comic series "Best of The worst" fail to circulate online.

GIFS[edit | edit source]

Art[edit | edit source]

Livestreams[edit | edit source]

On YouTube, there is a channel titled "Eddsworld Archive". This channel aims to archive any old, obscure, or formerly lost Eddsworld-related videos. The channel currently has archived videos of what were to be considered lost live streams of Edd making some of his animations.