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GiraffeCheetah was an animated web series that ran from September 2010 to late 2011. Episodes were uploaded to the YouTube channel Giraffecheetah, which was closed in early 2012, thus destroying the episodes. The channel was maintained by PseudoSkull, who personally produced all the episodes as well when he was 11-12 years old.

Episodes usually featured the main character Billy (based on PseudoSkull himself whose real-life name is Billy), and sometimes featured secondary characters such as Blake or Elijah (names of real-life friends at the time). Characters would give light commentary on the topic of the episode. Some episodes, however, did not feature a story or commentary at all, and were just short, random animated clips.

The cartoons usually featured still images of faces drawn with simple shapes on Inkscape. When they talked, their voices were represented by text that usually appeared under the face. Sometimes, but very rarely, actual movement occurred in episodes, still represented by a few simple drawings that were made to convey movement.

Over 30 episodes were produced. The series was extremely unpopular and was negatively received, because of the poor and overly simplistic drawings, lazy writing, dull storylines, and sometimes random or pointless focuses. Some found it understandable, though, because this was an 11-year-old's work.

All episodes were lost when the channel was deleted by PseudoSkull himself in early 2012. No archives on the Internet are known to exist of the episodes. However, digging through some hard-drives of old computers that he used at the time may uncover encodes of some of the episodes. This is yet to be done. So, there is still a chance that a few of the episodes could be restored.

There was a Giraffecheetah Wiki at Wikia dedicated to documenting the cartoons, which was unfortunately closed by Wikia staff due to inactivity in late 2018. PseudoSkull consulted staff about the wiki later, and they said that they cannot restore it. The wiki contained six pages that described the content and gave upload dates of a few of the episodes. The text contents of the wiki are archived locally, despite the shutdown by Wikia. However, the image files, all of which were screenshots of the cartoons, with the exception of two (archived below), are lost because they were stored in Wikia's local servers and not on the wiki itself.

PseudoSkull also has access to the Gmail account that was linked to the Giraffecheetah YouTube channel. It contains email notifications of activity on the channel, including comments on the channel and on the videos. With these notifications, he is forming a reconstruction of the entire channel, to as accurately as possible represent what the channel probably looked like (text-wise) right before it was closed in 2012. Fortunately, some of the information found in these emails uncovers the names of most episodes of GiraffeCheetah, and comments also help to decipher their probable content. The reconstruction is currently in progress.

If any episodes or images are ever found, PseudoSkull will publish and archive them on several websites. He will voluntarily release them into the public domain (whenever possible because a few episodes fairly used copyrighted images), so that they can be used for any purpose. Due to the simplicity of some episodes, PseudoSkull may also, to the best of his memory and ability, attempt to reconstruct some episodes of the series, to represent what they probably looked like originally. These reconstructions will also be released of any copyright.


  • File:GiraffeCheetah - Smgargument.jpg: From the sixth episode, "Super Mario Galaxy Argument", published 12 September 2010. Text shown: "Hey! That's mean!" It is unknown what text is inserted into the bubbles.
  • File:GiraffeCheetah - Blake1.jpg: From the ninth episode, "Why The 1 And 2 Buttons Weren't Used in Super Mario Galaxy", published sometime between 15 September and 20 September 2010. The image shows the character Blake, who looks different because he has black hair (not a black cap!). Text shown: "I think they had so much program in the game, that they didn't even have time or space for more!"

Coming soon

  • An episode guide of all known episodes in chronological order, and what is known about them.
  • To find any episodes that may still exist on local computers.
  • To upload the archive of the Giraffecheetah Wiki from Wikia.