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What the hell is this puppet and where is it from?.

Status: Doin quite good

Yo whaddup, I'm Racoonix. Searchin for Quebec lost media. Big fan of old animation and puppet shows.

Stuff i did[edit | edit source]

# Title Category Additional Notes
1 Le Lac Aux Perches (lost animated children's educational TV show; 1980-1989) Lost TV/ Lost animation First ever page, innit?

Currently searching for[edit | edit source]

-Félix et Ciboulette, a puppet tv show for kids from the 80s. About 850 lost episodes (13 minutes each without animated segments, otherwise its 23 min), and the found ones mostly incomplete, either missing segments or litterally only being 10 second clips.

-Pottential lead for the Master of the first episode of Le Lac Aux Perches

-What is that damn puppet? that like blue teal cyan thing with yellow and green eyes.

-potentially look into Klimbo. With somehow no episodes online.