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I think my life is pointless but whatever.

Status: Meh

Hey everyone, Ryanskip here. If you were some kind of genius on the site, my actual name is Ryan. I am the annoying kid who tries to help the site but fails. Somehow I am respected?? on this site but I think it's just a ploy for me to advertise.

Nah but seriously I am a guy who mostly just edits on the wiki. As you may have unfortunately seen on any of your articles, I have been there, probably making two things right and one thing wrong. I have created 18 actual articles and multitudes of remodelings but after that not much else. I haven't even been on here for a year at the time I am making this.

There isn't much I will say about my "private" life here, (go on the discord I guess) but I am currently a 10th-grade high school student with no social life and is living in the smallest state in the US (you can go figure that one out).

Articles That I Have Created

# Name of Article Published Date Description
1 Savannah (cancelled Rare Ltd. prototype; 2006-2007) Published August 14th, 2017 My first article. Found this out by watching a Did You Know Gaming Extra video on canceled Rare games and I stumbled across this little gem.
2 Diddy Kong Racing Adventure (cancelled Nintendo GameCube sequel to "Diddy Kong Racing"; 2004) Published October 25th, 2017 My second article. Created it while doing some research on Donkey Kong Racing for the remodeling of that article. I had watched a previous video a while back, but I didn't remember it until my friend Yoshi (Killer not State) told me about gameplay footage of Donkey Kong Racing, when it was, in fact, another game.
3 Sabreman Stampede (cancelled Xbox 360 3D platformer-adventure game; 2002-2005) Published December 31st, 2017 Now this has been a long time coming. My third article (and probably hopefully my best so far), this game is just. God, I want it so bad but it's not here and I am mad and just aji;fjwlvrj;okc.
4 Noah (partially found unreleased Christian animated film; 2008-2013) Published February 27th, 2018 My first article of 2018 and my fourth article overall. I just saw this and thought it would make a pretty good article. This is also my first non-Rare article and non-video game article.
5 Ryan's Four (partially found medical drama TV series; 1983) Published March 1st, 2018 2 days after I created Noah, I created this because it is my name and I feel like it's in my duty to talk about it.
6 Desert Island 64 (cancelled Nintendo 64 Disk Drive RPG; late 1990s) Published March 28th, 2018 Sometimes I just want to create articles that interested me OK.
7 Mario's Castle (cancelled game on Nintendo's "Project Atlantis" console; existence unconfirmed; 1995-1998) Published March 29th, 2018 This was probably my only chance to create an article that was based on Mario so like yeah.
8 Crash Tag Team Racing (cancelled DS port of racing game; 2005) Published April 4th, 2018 I was bored. There is really nothing much else to it. I was bored and it interested me and it was a deleted article so yeah.
9 Fantasia 2006 (partially found cancelled Disney animated film; 2002-2004) Published April 20th, 2018 My 10th article and just something that I wanted to write about. I am not only interested in video games but also animation so I hope this was a good start. Still, I sat on this for a while so it may not be that good but its better than average.
10 The Jungle Book (lost Bill Peet version of Disney animated film; 1963-1964) Published May 2nd, 2018 I lied. This is my 10th article and another animated creation by Disney. I thought the Jungle Book was a good film and seeing how there wasn't an article on this, I thought I could do it.
11 Mario Motors (lost build of unreleased Nintendo DS racer; early 2000s) Published May 25th, 2018 The second Mario article I wanted to write about. It was just something I was interested in when I first heard about it.
12 SimCopter 64 (cancelled N64DD remake of PC game; 1997-1999) Published June 13th, 2018 Another article that I just wanted to do because I was bored with school and I wanted to do something with it.
13 Reggie Jackson's World of Sports (partially found children's sports TV series; 1981-1982) Published September 26th, 2018 An article that I have been working on and off for about 3 months. Mostly inspired by The Poparena's Nick Knack's episode on the topic, I wanted to make it just because of that and because it seemed like a short and easy thing to do.
14 Ice Age (lost original Don Bluth version of animated film; existence unconfirmed; early 2000s) Published October 18th, 2018 I just wanted to write something interesting and this was surely it. It really has no concrete references, I am pretty sure the offer was made but at the same time, I have no idea.
15 News From Zoos (partially found Canadian children's television series; 1980-1981) Published October 26th, 2018 I guess I have just been writing articles out of boredom lol. But this article really got me interested. It's tacky to say "When I grow up I wanna become this" but like for me, I want to throw myself into zoology. What not better way to throw myself into some lost Zoo TV show media.
16 Gorkamorka (partially found cancelled Dreamcast/Windows racing game based on tabletop game; late 1990s-2001) Published December 14th, 2018 My friend requested that I should write this article by the end of the year. I originally planned to write this in November but due to some stuff, I wrote it in December. I am hoping to write one more article before the end of 2018.
17 By the Way (partially found Nickelodeon TV series; 1979-1980) Published February 15th, 2019 I wanted to do this since I watched the first Nick Knacks episode on the show. Also, It was my first article of 2019 woo. I plan on writing at least 5 articles this year hopefully.
18 Lions on the Loose (lost documentary short film; 1941) Published August 10th, 2019 First article I have created since February. This used to have an article, which was deleted. I wanted to remake it because it looked interesting enough, and also since I hope to become a zoologist, another piece of zoology history like this should be seen/heard by the general audience.

Articles I Have Expanded; (Removed the Needing Work Tag For)

And most likely a lot of other articles I have never mentioned because I probably forgot lol

Articles I Plan to Create

Nothing at the moment.

Articles I Plan to Expand


  • Twitter: @Ryanskiper
  • Discord: Nothing atm
  • YouTube: Ryanskii (will probably change it to Ryanskip in the future)
  • My UserTalk page.