I think my life is pointless but whatever.
I think my life is pointless but whatever.
Status Partially Dead

Hey everyone, Ryanskii here. If you were some kind of genius on the site, my actual name is Ryan. I am the annoying kid who tries to help the site but fails. Somehow I am respected?? on this site but I think it's just a ploy for me to advertise.

Nah but seriously I am a guy who mostly just edits on the wiki. As you may have unfortunately seen on any of your articles, I have been there, probably making two things right and one thing wrong. I have created a couple actual articles and multitudes of remodelings but after that not much else. I haven't even been on here for a year at the time I am making this.

There isn't much I will say about my "private" life here, (go on the discord I guess) but I am currently a 10th-grade high school student with no social life and is living in the smallest state in the US (you can go figure that one out).

Created articles

  • Savannah Created 14 Aug '17 - My first article. Found this out by watching a Did You Know Gaming 2 video on cancelled Rare games and I stumbled across this little gem.
  • Diddy Kong Racing Adventure Created 25 Oct '17 - My second article. Created it while doing some research on Donkey Kong Racing for the remodeling of that article. I had watched a previous video a while back, but I didn't remember it until my friend Yoshi (Killer not State) told me about gameplay footage of Donkey Kong Racing, when it was in face another game.

Articles I plan to create

  • Saberman Stampede - I think it's just necessary for me to do this. I have done the remodeling of the Donkey Kong Racing article. Plus I made the article on the canned pitched Diddy Kong Racing sequel. It's just something for me to do.


You can either contact me by using my twitter (@_Clark_Jackson_) or my Discord (Ryanskii#2945). Both of these will probably be changed in the future.

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