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I'm here to make the lost un-lost


Okay but real talk now, I'm a frequent content submitter across The VG-Resource and very active on the DidYouKnowGaming's discord server. I'm currently looking for any and every bit of information on the lost Sega arcade game called "Heavyweight Champ" release in 1976, it's considered the first fighting game ever made and I want to somehow get the word out to people to get it preserved.

Seems like I wrote another article huh? Well yes sir I did. This time a Dracula game, which is apparently the "first" game about vampires ever. Eat your heart out Richter Belmont.

A breakout clone is a breakout clone but this is too good to pass up.

Those MegaMan mobile games were too weird not to cover.

They seriously made a board game out of Tower of Druaga?

Been quite awhile since I wrote one of these.

Oh hey, someone made a Gamate page so I made this!

Not the Sonic 3 special stage.