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Hullo. I am SpaceManiac888, a British user on the Lost Media wiki. I primarily focus on writing lost robot combat media, as the created articles list shows below. However, I also specialise in lost video games and television articles too.

Created articles

Number Title Date of completion Notes
1 Worms Battle Rally (cancelled 3D kart game; 2003) 2 July, 2015 A rather obscure, cancelled spin-off of the Worms series, this was assumed to have either been a vehicular combat or karting game.
2 Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 (unaired battle of BBC gameshow; 2001) 2 July, 2015 The only Wild Card Warrior battle where the newcomer actually won.
3 Top Gear (unaired segments of BBC TV series; 2002-2015) 3 July, 2015 Collection of binned or unfinished segments of Top Gear. I stated 2002-2015 not only to distinguish from the older version of Top Gear, but also the series that is due to air sometime in 2016.
4 Top Gear - Series 22: Episode 10 (cancelled episode of TV show; 2015) 24 August, 2015 The episode whereby Jeremy Clarkson was so unhappy, he punched a producer over food.
5 BattleBots (unreleased GameCube/PlayStation 2 game; 2003) 21 November, 2015 Almost completed robot combat game based on the gameshow of the same name. Near the top of my "most-wanted" lost media, since prototypes have been sold before...
6 Robot Wars (lost MTV pilot of British robot combat gameshow; 2000) 5 March, 2016 This pilot would lead to the American spin-off, Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors on TNN.
7 Robot Wars Revealed (partially found BBC Choice spin-off of robot combat gameshow; 1998) 25 May, 2017 No doubt the most obscure lost Robot Wars media.
8 Grand Prix 4 (cancelled Xbox port of Formula One game; 2002) 6 June, 2017 Xbox port of one of my favourite PC games.
9 Robot Wars: Series 8 (lost unaired pilot of BBC gameshow; 2016) 18 June, 2017 Another lost Robot Wars media article I have written, and the most recent lost Robot Wars media I believe.
10 Robots Revenge (lost Discovery robot combat documentary series; 2001) 9 July, 2017 My tenth article was on one of the more obscure lost robot combat television media.
11 WWF In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog (lost wrestling PPV matches; 1996) 15 July, 2017 Lost media focusing on when the WWF suffered a powercut to their PPV feed!
12 The TNT Show (lost unaired Michael Jackson sketch; 2009) 26 August, 2017 Wrote about this article thanks to knowing about it from a YouTube video.
13 Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 (partially lost TNN spin-off of BBC robot combat gameshow; 2001) 2 September, 2017 My fifth, but not last, Robot Wars article, focusing on lost battles that I am confident will resurface one day.
14 Robot Wars: The Kick-Off (lost BNN robot combat special; 2001) 23 September, 2017 My sixth Robot Wars article, focusing on an obscure Dutch Robot Wars special, broadcast before Series 1.

Planned articles

Number Title About
1 Robot Wars (partially found battles of BBC gameshow; 1998-2003) Will detail battles that were only partly shown in their episodes that were broadcast, from Series 2 to Extreme Series 2.