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Squiggle McLameSprite here.

I found the original 1st "preview" broadcast of Pokemon. Pokémon_"Battle_Aboard_the_St._Anne"_-_sneak_peek_version_(found_first_American_broadcast_of_anime_episode;_1998)

I found several of the missing episodes from Tokyo Pig. Tokyo_Pig_(partially_lost_English_dubbed_episodes_of_anime_series;_2002).

I moved a few years ago, and before I moved, went through my ~600 VHS tape archive looking for things worth converting to video files. While most of the tapes were unimpressive, there were a few things worth archiving. I posted the things that were relevant to LMW. Almost all the other tapes have since been thrown out, so I don't have anything further to share. The list of "interesting" things I had (but threw out) included:

The contents that I had on VHS (but no longer have) include:

  • Partial run of Fox edited Escaflowne
  • Partial run of Flint the Time Detective
  • Adult Swim's initial broadcast
  • (Almost) Complete 1st and 2nd runs of Cowboy Bebop
  • Partial Saturday run of Outlaw Star on Toonami (this would be with the additional edits that were added after the 1st run)
  • Dozens of (1st run?) episodes of Inuyasha on Adult Swim
  • Partial 1st run of Gundam Wing on Adult Swim (but not Toonami)
  • One or two episodes of Rave. Fighting Foodons, Mon Colle Knights
  • Lots of random commercials from the 1988-2002 Saturday Morning era
  • One partial, heavily-garbled episode of Lit'l Bits that I hadn't found online anywhere else at the time, but was too incomplete to keep.
  • One episode of Tokyo Pig that started 2 minutes in; I don't think it was one of the still Lost episodes, but I didn't keep the recording because of the missing time.
  • Partial (1st?) run of Captain N episodes (with songs)
  • Super GALS Kotobuki Ran episode 2 English dub by Enoki Films (for selling the series to licensors)
  • Partial 1st run of Shinzo
  • Probably a complete run of Denver the Last Dinosaur
  • Almost complete run of Super Mario Bros Super Show "Legend of Zelda" episodes
  • A Pokemon Live Musical Event/preview for Pokemon 2000 (this isn't the "pokemon musical" as far as I can tell; it was a concern on TV of various Pokemon 2000 songs in the lead-up to the release of Pokemon 2000)

If any of these things were lost and worth preserving... sorry, I failed to preserve them. :( I still have maybe a dozen VHS tapes left, but they're all commercial.