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Terry the Cat
Terry the Cat
A cartoon cat who likes to talk about cartoons
A cartoon cat who likes to talk about cartoons
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The Basics

Hi guys, Terry the Cat here. I'm a little new to this whole "lost media" thing, but I will try to help the best I can. I like talking about odd cartoons, the good, the bad, and the ugly. What brought me here was the page on the now partially found dub of GoGoRIki. Mostly, I'll be here watching pages for lost animation, or cleaning up pages whenever I can.

Animated oddities are my specialty. Anything that strikes me as odd will immediately draw my interest, as indicated by my Top 5 list below. I always keep a list of important searches with me.

Biggest Contributions

Partially finding the 4Kids dub of GoGoRIki Confirming "The Warm Scarf-capade" doesn't exist Confirming CINAR's dub of Shimajiro doesn't exist

Like I said, I'm new to this, so my contributions will be rather small at first.

Current Searches (in order of importance)

1. Clock Man (O Parádivé Sally) (Pinwheel version)

Well, we found Clock Man. Well, sort of. We found the original Czech version. Still waiting on word regarding the Pinwheel version. You know, the version that scared Commander Santa for over 30 years.

2. GoGoRiki (partially found)

One of my favorite cartoons growing up and one of the last 4Kids dubs in history. Its oddness comes from its highlighting the culture gap between us and Russia.

3. Yeah Yeah Beebiss I (existence unconfirmed)

It's only THE biggest video game mystery ever. Just figuring out what it was would be good enough.

3. Doraemon (any version, any dub)

The biggest and most enduring anime of all time. I am intrigued as to why they especially don't want us to see Doraemon 73...

4. Pretty Cure English dubs (unknown)

Only very recently heard of this franchise. The fact that there are so many English dubs of one series (almost as many as DBZ) is rather odd. Also odd is how this series never caught on.

5. English dub of Onegai My Melody (existence unconfirmed)

Another recent find. Never seen in the United States despite the popularity of Sanrio characters (especially Hello Kitty) over here. Best I can find of this one is an English sub and the fact that Funimation briefly considered licensing the series.


I'm probably a lot better at proving something doesn't exist than actually finding something. So far, most of my contributions are either confirming something doesn't exist (Shimajiro, Warm Scarf-capade) or relaying info that most people seem to miss (Special Ed, Shnookums and Meat).


If you want my opinion on a piece of lost media, please message me. I will try to get back to you. This cat has a really busy schedule.

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