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Wow, a yard sale!

Status: Needs a little Orange Glo

I exist.

Created Articles[edit | edit source]

Name Date
H. H. Gregg "H. H." (partially lost advertisements; 2009-2011) [Featured] August 6th, 2019
Need for Speed: The Run (cancelled iOS port of racing game; 2011) August 11th, 2019
Catroots (lost tech demo of unreleased Nintendo 64 game; 2000) August 12th, 2019
SpongeBob Cartoon Creator (partially found original version of Flash game; 2008-2013) August 12th, 2019
Zoobe (inaccessible video messaging app/website; 2011-2017) [Featured] August 18th, 2019
Tebaatusasula (partially found Ugandan action film; 2010) August 23rd, 2019
Lasagna Cat (partially found unreleased/prototype episodes of "Garfield" parody web series; 2008-2017) August 24th, 2019
PitchMen (partially lost Discovery Channel docudrama series; 2009-2011) [Featured] September 8th, 2019
Billy Mays (partially found commercials/infomercials starring pitchman; 1980s-2009) September 10th, 2019
Cinemassacre Extra "Motherfuckin' Mario" (partially found YouTube live stream recording; 2016) October 3rd, 2019
Marck3611 (partially lost videos of terminated YouTube Poop channel; 2014-2015) October 7th, 2019
Meme Run (lost unreleased PC port of Wii U endless runner game; 2015) February 2nd, 2020
Super Feed Me (unreleased iOS sequel of Flash game; 2009-2012) February 15th, 2020

Rewritten Articles[edit | edit source]

Name Date
The Irate Gamer Game (lost iOS game; 2013) October 4th, 2019
Toby Makes a Million (lost MTV2 comedy series pilot; 2016-2017) January 24th, 2020
Rogue One Helmet Creator (lost online game; 2016) January 28th, 2020