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Hey JKDoodles113

One the last 3 articles you have made, you started each one with the same paragraph. I have to ask why? It seems like you just copy and pasted the same paragraph 3 times over. Is this something you came up with, or something you plagiarized on the wiki? I would like to know, please send me a response as soon as you can - Ryanskip

(Edit) - It seems like you did plagiarised on the wiki. Specifically the first paragraph you ripped straight off of Wikipedia. I have reported it to the admins. Key Word of Advice, don't copy shit off of Wikipedia, that makes you seem lazy and careless. Thanks - Ryanskip

Hey! I was wanting to ask, could you maybe add infoboxes in your articles in the future? Your past articles didn't have any. Same with categories. It's nitpicky, but can you add those two things the next time you make an article? Thanks! - Astro