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(April 20th, 2018) A message for Gorillaz27:

Hey Gorillaz. I just wanted to ask why do you move articles to a different redirect like what you did with "Get Ur Free TV's." The article(s) itself does not seem to be the highest of quality, and would probably get deleted soon. It's kinda a hassle for the admins to delete the page then to delete the redirect. I just want to know the reason why you do this. Thanks - Ryanskip

Hey, Ryanskip! I'm sorry, but I don't seem to know what you are talking about with the "Get Ur Free TV's" article. However, if this is about a different article, as with the Buck Rogers one, then I would like to apologize. I wanted to move said page to make it look better, as it was literally "BUCK ROGERS: THAT MAN ON BETA," but I guess I probably should have looked at the deletion log (as an Admin had deleted it) and should have left it alone. TL;DR, I don't remember moving the "Free TV's" page, but I did move one page that probably shouldn't have been moved. Sorry for doing so, and I will be mindful of my edits in the future. Tripson (talk)

Just Curious...

I noticed that on some pages, you change < references /> to reflist. Why?


If u look in the Rules, guidelines and tips, then u would see that its
and not < references /> anymore.

Thank You

From Deathnipple: thanks for helping me with the Distrust article! Also sorry if I messed up your talk page on accident.

No problem, just was an easy fix. Next time don't add the brackets unless it's a singular image in a gallery or if you would want to put an image on the left or right side of an article. - Ryanskip

Is this found? Should this article be deleted?;_early_1980s). This article was created many years ago and it hasn’t had much improvement. The article was such a mess that I didn’t even know what it was about. I googled the media in question and found a 28 minute video on Pornhub which appears to be the full thing. But is it? I can’t tell, because th3 article has no concrete sources. Before I edited the page, there was just an imdb link, and that’s not a reliable source for info. (Em 17:32, 29 February 2020 (UTC))