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Status: Partially Found


Hi, I'm Teck and you may know "Morso". He's just finding this series.


Aasi, Morso ja Mouru is Finnish a puppet television series based on the children's books by Tuula Kallioniemi, which was presented in Yle Tv2 's Little two children's program in 1999 – 2001. The main characters of the series are Donkey, Morso, and Mouru.

The series is known thanks to the character of Morso, some viewers find him terrifying. According to Erja Mikkolan, the character was supposed to look terrifying on purpose, because at first the donkey was afraid of him. Donkey noticed that there was nothing to worry about

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Here is a list of episodes I found (or at least on YouTube).

number title year status
1. Hurja Morso 1999 Found
2. Turhat ansat 1999 Found
3. Kuka onkaan oikea Morso? 1999 Found
4. Uusi vuokralainen 1999 Found
5. Omituinen Mouru 1999 Lost
6. Mihin Mouru katosi 1999 Lost
7. Täydellinen aasi 1999 Lost
8. Kadonneet kirjeet 1999 Lost
9. Ihana aamu 2000 Lost
10. Mouru rakastuu 2000 Lost
11. Kauhea kasa karkkia 2000 Lost
12. Niilo-setä 2000 Lost
13 Sinihilkka ja sus 2000 Lost
14. Dinosauruksen muna 2000 Lost
15. Tosihemmot kilpasilla 2000 Lost
16. Mitä useampi kokki, sitä.. 2000 Found
17. Riitapukarit 2000 Lost
18. Siivotaan, siivotaan 2001 Lost
19. Tietsikka 2001 Lost
20. Mouru, kissatähti 2001 Lost
21. Lomamatka 2001 Lost
22. Ja Mouru soittaa 2001 Lost