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A cartoon cat who likes to talk about cartoons

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

This is my cluttered collection of ideas for the LMW as a whole, whether it's articles or community projects or whatever. It's also a talk page, so if you have a suggestion for an article or a community project, let me know here.

Nanalan' (partially found Canadian children's TV series; 1999-2006)

Nanalan' is a Canadian children's TV series created by Jaime Shannon and Jason Hopley (also known for their series Mr. Meaty). It is known for its bizarre nature, cheap effects, and unconventional nature. It is currently unknown how many episodes of the series have been found, but 71 3 minute shorts were produced and 21 11 minute episodes were made over the course of the series' history.

Aasi, Morso, ja Mouru (partially found Finnish children's TV series; 1999-2001)

Aasi, Morso, ja Mouru is a Finnish children's TV series based on a series of books by Tuula Kallioniemi. The series is notable for the strange looking character Morso, which some Finnish viewers (and many Western viewers) have seen as frightening. 22 episodes have been produced, but I do not yet know how many are found.

LMW Retrospectives (working title)

A continuation of a planned YouTube series by LMW founder Dycaite. My suggestion is to produce new episodes on using a rotating staff. The Retrospective series focuses on successful searches given from a personal perspective. Episode ideas coming soon.

Let me know what you guys think.


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