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My Blog, I Guess?

02/04/2020 - Marco Polo Reconstruction

I Have Been Working On This Project For So Long And I Thought It Would Be Nice To Share My Reconstruction Of The Missing Doctor Who Story, Marco Polo. Episode 1 Will Be Out Next Week. But For Now, Enjoy This Picture From Episode 1:


13/08/2020 - Completely forgot about this!

Jesus! Has it really been 4 months? Well ok, I did finish it and upload it but forgot to announce it. It can be viewed here:

I am working on episode 2 at the moment, but I'm getting stuck in the sandstorm bit. I have to take a break anyway cause I'm heading to Wales tomorrow and my birthday is coming up (I ain't working on my birthday!). It's so hot in England at the moment, I think my shirt is becoming a new layer of skin.

Have a good lockdown!