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(→‎11 minute versions from Sprout: Due to the vido got blocked, it's lost again)[edit source]

What are you talking about the video is still up?

-Comedyfan74 (talk)

When i clicked on the video, it said that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has blocked it on copyright grounds.
- Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 01:26, 12 October 2021 (UTC)
Your Australian right?
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
No i'm from America
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 01:35, 12 October 2021 (UTC)
Two things, 1. Do you have discord?
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 01:40, 12 October 2021 (UTC)
Okay, do you have email?
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
I do
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 01:45, 12 October 2021 (UTC)
What is it?
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 01:48, 12 October 2021 (UTC)
2. i got you fam
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
-Thank you for the link you sent me, but the reason why i gave you my email address because i thought that you backed up the Series 2 Magic Greg clip from KidZone so i would re-insert the link on the Lost Media Wiki
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 02:01, 12 October 2021 (UTC)
Oh i didn't back up the clip because i thought that was gonna be there forever, i backed up the full episode from series 5 because it include the missing last 20 seconds the sprout recording was missing. Though i believe they said "they'll upload more kidzone content if they reach 50 subscribers".
-Comedyfan74 (talk)

TV Series 2 12 minute versions from Sprout[edit source]

Why it's fake because the Sprout screenbug was taken from a Deviantart post and the footage is just the 22 minute version with no attempt to cover up.
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
Oh, the Internet Archive keeps buffering every 5 seconds into the video (no it's not the WIFI's fault) so that's why i re-inserted the link before undoing the activity to yours
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 19:21, 4 November 2021 (UTC)

The Wiggles TV Series Deleted Scenes[edit source]

We could create a page about deleted scenes that used to appear in the first three seasons of The Wiggles' television series.

TV Series 1 (Kaz the Cat) TV Series 2 (Early Songs and Segments)

  • Episode 5: Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist? (Original Version from the Big Show concert)
  • Episode 8: Wags the Dog (From the 1995 video: Big Red Car)
  • Episode 21: Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Original Version from the 1998 video: Wiggle Time)

TV Series 3 (Alternative Segments)

Yule Be Wiggling Christmas Show[edit source]

You doing fanmade audio for the YBW Christmas Show on YouTube?
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
Yes, why?
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 00:20, 19 November 2021 (UTC)
Even though the existence of any official pro-shot footage is unconfirmed, I just want to say good luck in tackling the holy grail of lost Wiggles media (in the unconfirmed realm).
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
-Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 00:35, 19 November 2021 (UTC)

Los Wiggles: Hats[edit source]

What evidence do you have that there is a Spanish version of hats?
-Comedyfan74 (talk)
I later added the APRA ARMCOS link on the article
Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 18:14, 11 May 2022 (UTC)
Fair enough.
-Comedyfan74 (talk)

Early Draft of Shrek[edit source]

Hi, Comedyfan74 worn me that people would ask. I don't have the script, the photos came from an old eBay listing for the script.