VeggieConnections (partially found lesson plans based on animated series; 2005)

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Status: Partially Found

VeggieConnections are a collection of lesson plans for preschoolers and kids in elementary schools based on Big Idea's VeggieTales for the purpose of connecting VeggieTales to the lessons they can learn. They came in both kits with everything needed for the lesson plans (two versions were made - one for preschool and one for elementary) and sold separately.

Media made for the VeggieConnections line include:

  • a Program DVD/Video with 52 introductions
  • a CD-Rom
  • a split-track music CD with VeggieTunes and puppet tracks
  • a Bible Dictionary
  • Bob & Larry puppets
  • posters
  • coloring pads
  • activities
  • Bob and Larry's Clues to Good News
  • leader guides
  • family devotionals
  • Bible Mania
  • Bible Atlapedia


Most of the media made for this line has not been found, with only photos and listings on online shopping sites of the lessons kits and the separately sold media.

On December 28, 2012, user Tracey Gutierres uploaded the full Bible Dictionary from the VeggieConnections series onto the website. On October 19, 2018, LMW user JKDoodles113 uploaded two scans of the books in the series, the family devotionals, and Bible Mania, onto Google Drive. Both the Elementary and Preschool kits can be purchased on, but are heavily expensive.

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