VeggieTales Radio Discs (partially found radio interview discs; late 1990s-2000s)

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VeggieTales - Logo (English, 1998).png

VeggieTales logo.

Status: Partially Found

VeggieTales is a popular 3D animated Christian children's series made by BigIdea that started in 1993, and has sold over 10 million videos. Due to the popularity of the series, BigIdea made many promotions to promote upcoming episodes/events, one of these promotions being radio interviews. CDs were sent to certain radio stations, which contained pre-recorded responses for the interviews, songs from the episode they were promoting, sound bites from said episode, and radio spots made to promote the episode.


As of now, only 5 of these radio discs are known to exist, due to info being incredibly low, however, LarryBoy: The Radio Disc has made its way onto the internet.

Radio Discs

# Radio Disc Year Released Status
1 LarryBoy: The Radio Disc 1999 Found
2 Christmas 1999 Radio Disc 1999 Lost
3 King George and the Ducky Radio Disc 2000 Lost
4 Lyle the Kindly Viking Radio Disc 2001 Lost
5 Rootin' Tootin' VeggieTales Radio Disc 2003 Lost


Majority of LarryBoy: The Radio Disc.

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The entirety of LarryBoy: The Radio Disc.