Very Aggressive Vegetables (partially lost Nickelodeon animated shorts; 1998)

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Logo of an episode.

Status: Partially Lost

Very Aggressive Vegetables (also individually referred as A Very Agressive Vegetable) is a series of 30 second animated shorts produced by Fudge Puppy that aired on Nickelodeon UK (and in reruns on Nicktoons TV in the US) in 1998 that depicted, as the title implies, very aggressive vegetables taking revenge on the unsuspecting kids that insulted them.

At least six shorts were produced, although only five of them have surfaced--"Cucumber", "Potato", "Celery", "Baby Corn" and "Broccoli".

In addition to the full version, at least 1 other short remains at large, that being "Zucchini".

Although the six known shorts were uploaded to, a glitch in the video player prevented the shorts from playing, and the pages are now completely deleted. [1][2][3][4][5][6]


"Cucumber" and part of "Potato".
"Potato" uploaded by Mr.Unique.
"Celery" uploaded by Final Atomic Buster.
"Baby Corn" uploaded by CatscratchFan2004.
"Broccoli" uploaded by CatscratchFan2004.


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