Viewpoint (partially found Filipino public affairs television show; 1984-1994)

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Status: Partially Found

Viewpoint was a Filipino public affairs program that aired on GMA Network. It ran from August 21, 1984, until November 1994. It was hosted by Dong Puno. It is not to be confused with the arcade game by Sammy.


GMA-7 produced Viewpoint in 1984 during the dying days of Marcos administration. It was hosted by Atty. Dong Puno. Viewpoint was a public affairs program and was critical of Marcos, which is said to be a brave move by GMA. It interviewed a lot of political personalities with Anti-Marcos sentiments.[1] Its opening theme was Jean-Michel Jarre's Magnetic Fields Pt. 1.

In the anniversary episode of Viewpoint, August 20, 1985, and on the eve of Ninoy Aquino's second death anniversary, Puno interviewed Corazon Aquino, the widow of the latter.[2]

After People Power Revolution in 1986, Viewpoint remained to interview political personalities, but it also started interviewing actresses like Vilma Santos. It concluded in 1994 when Puno transferred to ABS-CBN.


Several Viewpoint scenes are on YouTube, and three full episodes of it, specifically the guesting of Miriam Miriam Defensor Santiago, Bobby Brillante & Jojo Binay, and Vilma Santos. The historic Aquino's guesting only has excerpts of it from the Limang Dekada documentary.

Dong Puno died on February 15, 2022.[3] During a news segment about his passing, several Viewpoint excerpts were aired along with it.


Limang Dekada docu with Viewpoint's Aquino guesting excerpt (Timestamp: 21:10)

24 Oras news segment about Puno's passing with excerpts of Viewpoint.

Bobby Brillante & Jojo Binay guesting.

Miriam Defensor Santiago guesting, part 1 of the full episode.