Vocação Irresistível (lost Brazilian comedy short film; 1924)

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Genésio Arruda in 1924.

Status: Lost

Vocação Irresistível (Irresistible Vocation in English), also known as The Most Mysterious Film in Brazil, is a 1924 Brazilian film directed by Luiz de Barros. It starred Genésio Arruda and Tom Bill, who later, in 1929, would act in the first Brazilian sound film, Acabaram-se os Otários. Premiere at Cassino Antártica, in São Paulo, on June 17th, 1924.[1]


From a series of short films that Luiz de Barros filmed at Cassino Antártica, open to the public and with his participation. To anyone who distinguished themselves in their role, the company offered a contract to film two films. The film was made in one day and shown the next day, at the Cassino Antártica.[2]


The film was titled "The Most Mysterious Film in Brazil" due to some information not matching. Tom Bill arrived in Brazil in 1926, meaning he could not have acted in the film. In an interview, Genésio Arruda mentions that his first film was "Acabaram-se os Otários", in 1929, which suggests that there was no previous production.

Genésio and Tom Bill filmed numerous short films between the years 1930 and 1931, which made some people think that the short film may have been made between those years, and the 1924 date was just an error. This theory was disproved in the magazine Selecta, in 1924, where it announced the film.

Supposed Cast

  • Genésio Arruda as Hillbilly
  • Lully Málaga as Girl
  • Tom Bill as Hillbilly's friend


A girl sings very well, but no one believes her; a hillbilly in love with her pays a cabaret owner to let her sing. She is a success, but the hillbilly has to be content with just being her friend.[3]


No images or fragments of the film survive, only a few newspaper records.



Advertisement for the film in Selecta magazine in 1924.


Documentary about Genésio Arruda that mentions the film. Starts at 14:05.

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