WWF Attitude (partially found professional wrestling recap show; 2001-2002)

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Logo for WWE Bottom Line, which carried on from WWF Attitude.

Status: Partially Found

WWF Attitude is a recap professional wrestling show. Produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), it was broadcast on the WB 100+ Station Group from September 2001 to May 2002.


The show proved relatively obscure for a WWF program. On 27th August 2001, it was reported that the company would launch a syndicated series called WWF Attitude, to be broadcast on prime time on the WB 100+ Station Group. According to a press release, it was custom-developed so that original matches with their own in-studio commentary could be broadcast primarily to smaller towns that generally lacked access to the WWF's other shows. The first episode was set to air on 8th September.[1]

However, the plans for original programming appeared to have been scrapped by the time the show started airing. According to recollections from viewers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWF Attitude was merely a recap professional wrestling show, similar to WWF Livewire, with both being hosted by Chris Leary.[2] The show continued into May 2002, but proved unpopular based on comments from the 20th May 2002 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The same issue also reported that the program was to be renamed to WWE Bottom Line,[3] which aired from May 2002 to September 2005 in the United States,[4][5] and still continues to air new episodes internationally as of the present day.[6]


Likely because of WWF Attitude's unpopularity as a recap show and its general obscurity due to being aired in smaller towns, media relating to it is scarce. For a while, the only indications of its existence include a press release announcing its creation, a few mentions in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and from online discussion by wrestling fans.[7] However, footage of an introduction from the show was uploaded by Chris Leary on 29th July 2010 as part of a Retro Demo reel of his work in the 1990s, confirming that he was indeed the host of the show.



Chris Leary Retro Demo '90s containing 20 seconds of footage (starting from 3:24).

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