W - W3: Faithful (partially found album from pop duo; 2006)

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W: Ai Kago (left) and Tsuji Nozmi (right).

Status: Partially Found

W3: Faithful was to be the third studio album from Japanese pop recording duo W (also spelled Double You).

W was a duo comprised of Ai Kago and Tsuji Nozomi, two ex-members of the pop group Morning Musume. Both girls belonged to the Hello! Project roster, an umbrella group of female pop acts signed to the Zetima recording label and represented by an Up-Front talent agency. W debuted in 2004 with the single Koi no Vacance and released their first album, Duo U&U, later that year. Their second album, 2nd W, was released in 2005.

The album W3: Faithful was announced to be released on March 22nd of 2006. On February 9th, Ai Kago was photographed by a paparazzi smoking while under the age of twenty, which is a crime in Japan. The album was postponed and Kago was given a years suspension from the label. Nozomi remained with the agency as a solo artist and it was speculated that the group would release W3: Faithful and resume activities upon Kago's return.

In January of 2007, it was reported that Kago rejoined the Up-Front talent agency. In March of that year, Up-Front agency released an official statement that she had violated the terms of her contract and would be dismissed from the label. In the following weeks, Nozomi also resigned effectively disbanding the duo and the possibility of the album being released.

This album was also to contain the single "Dou ni mo Tomaranai" which was scheduled for release on February 22nd, 2006, but postponed indefinitely on February 9th. Like the album W3: Faithful, this single is also considered lost. It was possibly a cover of a song of the same name previously released by singer Linda Yamamoto.

A description for the album on the Japanese site reads: 3rd album containing 3 singles including "Tell me the meaning of love" "Miss Love detective"! It is a versatile and fun album that includes covers as well as original songs.

It is believed that many of the tracks on this album were re-recorded and released by other acts belonging to Up-Front Agency. One example is Morning Musume, the group to which Kago and Tsuji had previously belonged, recording a song with the title "Dou ni mo Tomaranai" on their album Cover You in 2008.

On March 30, 2019, an EP titled Choi Waru Devil (ちょい悪デビル; Little Evil Devil) was released digitally by the UP-FRONT WORKS label consisting of five tracks from the W3: Faithful album. This was done in conjunction with a reunion performance by W at the "Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hina Fes 2019" concert, marking the first release and activity from the group since February of 2006.


  1. Choi Waru Devil (ちょい悪デビル)
  2. Dou ni mo Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない) (Yamamoto Linda cover)
  3. Harusaki Kobeni (春咲小紅) (Yano Akiko cover)
  4. Kojin Jugyou (個人授業) (Finger 5 cover)
  5. Uchi ni Kagitte Sonna Koto wa nai Hazu (うちにかぎってそんなことはないはず) (Moritaka Chisato cover)

Outside of Japan, tracks 2-5 are unavailable.

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