Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure (partially found online Flash game; 2004)

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Screenshot of the game.

Status: Partially Found

Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure was a Flash game developed by Smashing Ideas and released on Postopia in 2004.

All searches appear to lead to Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure, the sequel, which has shrouded the game it was based off of. There are people who have asked on Yahoo or other sites for help finding this game, but only the Jungle one seems to be available.


The game files were partially found on archive.org by Adam

It was available for many years but has been lost due to time. The possible reason why this game was not mirrored by any other website, in contrast to, for instance, Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure is because Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure consists of the large number of files, and perhaps other websites did not bother trying to get all of them given the large availability of other good-quality Flash games.

Fortunately, even if some files would not be found, these files can possibly be derived from their counterparts used in Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure.

A Smashing Ideas employee named Brian Burke has been contacted at LinkedIn for the game and he said the client was Kraft and they would have had the final files for that and Smashing Ideas no longer have any of the files for that game dating that far back. He said it might live on another site somewhere, but he is not sure.

On Feburary 28th, 2021, LMW user LoganTheHammer discovered that the game was found and fully playable on Flashpoint, a software that archived thousands of Flash animations and games with the goal of preserving them after Flash was discontinued in early 2021. Although the game is fully playable, it is unknown if all files of the game are stored in Flashpoint's archives, and there is no apparent way so far to try to find the game files through the software.


File Availability Contributors Links Extra notes
./swf/game.swf Found Adam archive.org
./swf/gateway.swf Found Adam archive.org
./swf/intro.swf Found Adam archive.org
./waffleboy.swf Found Adam archive.org
./vr_loader/vr_base.swf Found Adam archive.org Base for vr_loader
./vr_loader/vr_loader.swf Found Adam archive.org Postoken reward check
./wbmountadv/shell.xml Lost archive.org File list
./vr_info.xml Lost archive.org Postoken reward info