Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure (partially found online Flash game; 2004)

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Screenshot of the game.

Status: Partially Found

Date found: 28 Feb 2021

Found by: Flashpoint

Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure was a browser game developed by Smashing Ideas and published by Postopia in 2004.

The sequel, Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure, was reuploaded to and spread between a number of other game websites. As such, it is still available, and has shrouded its predecessor. For a while, only Jungle Adventure was available to the general public.

Availability[edit | edit source]

While Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure had been available for many years, it eventually became lost. One potential reason why this game may not have been as prevalent on other game websites (in contrast to its sequel, Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure) is because it required multiple external Flash Movie and XML files, and took a greater effort to copy.

Brian Burke, the CEO of Smashing Ideas, was asked about the game on LinkedIn. Burke explained that only the client (Kraft) would possess game files, and Smashing Ideas no longer had files for any games dating this far back.

Wayback Machine only made a partial capture of the necessary files, and the game was unplayable. In 2019, LMW user Mordax modified the Wayback Machine capture into a partially playable state, and curated it to BlueMaxima's Flashpoint.[1] Flashpoint is an archive with thousands of Flash animations and games. It was created with the goal of preserving browser games, after Flash was discontinued in early 2021.[2]

In a unique scenario, while a number of the original files remain lost, the game retains partial functionality due in part to the efforts of Mordax, Flashpoint and the community. However, the partially found game is not an ideal playback experience, with missing cutscenes, minigames, menus and functionality.

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