Wander Over Yonder (found San Diego Comic-Con trailer; 2012)

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Screenshot from the trailer.

Status: Found

Date found: Sept. 7th, 2015

Found by: Stewart isme

On July 14, 2012, Disney held a panel at SDCC 2012 featuring a teaser of its then-upcoming show Wander Over Yonder.


It first shows Wander riding on Sylvia, then nearly stepping on a tiny bug-like alien. Wander and Sylvia then greet the alien. They suddenly notice an army of Watchdogs chasing after them. After trying to simply outrun them, they fly off a cliff using their Orble Bubble and cheer as the Watchdogs fall off the cliff. The duo are later seen flying into space in their Orble Bubble before the logo fades in. The only dialogue for the trailer is "Woah", said by Wander and Sylvia throughout the trailer.


For awhile, the trailer wasn't publicly available. Thanks to a Wiki contributor, however, it can be found on YouTube and MEGA.


Camera rip of the trailer.