Wazooo! What a Zoo (partially found CG animated series; 2003)

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A group of Wazooos.

Status: Partially Found

Wazooo! What a Zoo aired on TVO Kids starting in 2004. This was a modified dub of Disney Channel France's Pas De Bol Pour Les Wazooo! Neither of these versions have been found.


It's a zoo out there. At least that's how it seems to the fun-loving Wazooos, aliens who discover the planet Earth and all its inhabitants. Simple and straightforward explanations of everything from the ins and outs of an earthworm-gathering contest to how automobiles work help children and the Wazooos gain an understanding of this world.[1]

The series was animated by OkiDoki Studios. It was distributed by Upside Television.[2]


25 known episodes were created, 24 of which are lost. Recently, Serbian television network[3] Kanal D posted the episode WazVroom to their Youtube channel[4], in their own dub. Therefore three dubs of the series exist. A website for the series has also been archived, however, most of its contents are lost.

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