Wheel of Fortune "Matthew Fenwick" episode (lost episode of game show; 1998)

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The show's logo for the 1997-1998 season

Status: Lost

The March 18th, 1998 episode (taped Febuary 13, 1998)[1] of the game show Wheel of Fortune appeared to the viewer as an average episode. However, the episode features a wanted child molester named Matthew Fenwick. (who won $4,400 on the show) At the time the episode aired, Matthew Fenwick was on the run after being accused of molesting two underage girls, ages 8 & 10. A warrant had been issued for Matthew in November, but police couldn't track him down until one the girls saw him on the game show. Matthew Fenwick was arrested two days after his appearance on Wheel of Fortune and pled guilty in July 1998 to two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.[2]


The episode currently has not yet publicly surfaced online in any form and it's unknown who taped the episode. Due to the disturbing nature of Matthew's crimes, it very unlikely that this episode will ever air on television again or someone had to be watching and recorded it.

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