When Man and Machine Collide (lost production material of unfinished Control Denied album; 2001)

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Control Denied band.png

Photo of the band.

Status: Lost

History[edit | edit source]

Control Denied was a progressive metal band started in 1996 by metal musician Chuck Schuldiner, who is known for being the frontman of the metal band Death. He is often referred to as "The Godfather of Death Metal" due to his influence on the death metal genre.[1]

In 1999, shortly after completing recording for their debut album, The Fragile Art of Existence, Schuldiner would issue a press release revealing that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer.[2] In 2000, while battling his illness, he started writing music for a second Control Denied album, titled When Man and Machine Collide.[3] However, on December 13th, 2001, Schuldiner died at the age of 34, putting the recordings on hold.[4]

Attempts to Finish the Album[edit | edit source]

The other members of the band have expressed their wish to complete and release the album, and in December 2010, vocalist Tim Aymar released a statement that plans were being made to record and release the album.[5] In December 2012, work had apparently begun on the album, with guitarist Shannon Hamm and Morrisound Recording producer Jim Morris reviewing material recorded before Chuck Schuldiner's death.[6] In January 2014, Control Denied/Death manager Eric Grief had said that nothing had occurred since the update in 2012, and that he had spoke with Hamm about the album and the challenges of the project.[7][8] However, in 2016, Grief would respond to a fan's comment on Facebook, explaining that there will be no second Control Denied album, as it was "too enormous a task". According to Grief, Schuldiner had told Morris that the album shouldn't be completed if it couldn't be accomplished the way he imagined it.[9] Grief also claimed that the machine that Schuldiner used to record his guitar parts was corrupted, making it difficult to sync with Richard Christy's drum tracks.[10]

Interview with former bassist Steve Di Giorgio, where he explains the problems with finishing the album.

Demo Recordings[edit | edit source]

In 2004, four untitled demo recordings were released without authorization on the bootleg album Zero Tolerance.[11] These tracks only feature Chuck Schuldiner on guitar and Richard Christy on drums. Eric Grief has stated that these recordings are from Schuldiner's bedroom demos and are not leaked recordings from the album. [12]

The four demo tracks that appeared on Zero Tolerance.

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