Where the Wild Things Are (lost production material of unfinished film adaptations of children's book; 1980s-2000s)

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Where the wild things are book.jpg

Cover of the book the films were based on.

Status: Lost

Where The Wild Things Are is a 1963 children's book by famed author Maurice Sendak. The book captured the hearts of many children and is considered a classic.


There have been many attempts to bring the book to the big screen. A few were made that did not get past the pre-production stages.

Disney Adaptation

In 1983, John Lasseter (future Pixar animator) took an idea to adapt the book into a film to Disney Animation Studios. They told him to do an animation test based off of his idea. The film was to feature 2D animated characters in a computer-generated, 3D environment. Disney, though impressed, decided to cancel the project.[1]

Though the animation test was broadcasted on The Disney Channel and is commonly seen on YouTube, Lasseter completed a few more film elements before its cancellation.[2] These have not been released.

Universal Adaptation

A few more small attempts were made at making a film, most of which now only remain as scripts. In 2001, Universal Studios attempted another animated adaptation that was entirely done with computer-generated 3D graphics. The movie was apparently halfway completed before Universal pulled the plug for unknown reasons.[3]

None of the film's elements have been seen or have been leaked online, though a teaser trailer was reportedly attached to the theatrical release of 2000's How the Grinch Stole Christmas.[4]


John Lasseter's Where The Wild Things Are animation test.


Seeker of the Lost's video on the subject of the teaser trailer for the unproduced Universal film adaptation.

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