Where the Wild Things Are (unfinished film adaptations of children's book; 1980s-2000s)

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Where The Wild Things Are (cancelled film adaptations)
Cover of the book the films were based on.
Cover of the book the films were based on.
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Where The Wild Things Are is a 1963 children's book by famed author Maurice Sendak. The book captured the hearts of many children and is considered a classic.

There have been many attempts to bring the book to the big screen. A few were made in the 1960s and 70s that did not get past the pre-production stages. In 1983, John Lassater (future PIXAR animator) took an idea to adapt the film to Disney Animation studios. Enthused, they told him to do an animation test based off of his idea. The film was to feature 2D animated characters in a computer generated, 3D environment. Disney, though impressed, decided to cancel the project. Though the animation test was broadcasted on The Disney Channel and is commonly seen on YouTube, Lassater completed a few more film elements before its cancellation. These have not been released.

A few more small attempts were made at making a film, most of which now only remain as scripts. In 2001, Universal Studios attempted another animated adaptation that was entirely done with computer generated 3D graphics. The movie was apparently halfway completed before Universal pulled the plug for unknown reasons. None of the film's elements have been seen or have been leaked online.


John Lasseter's Where The Wild Things Are animation test.


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