With Stanley in Africa (lost adventure film serial; 1922)

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With stanley in africa title.jpg

The film's poster.

Status: Lost

With Stanley in Africa is a lost Universal silent film serial in 18 parts that was released on January 23rd, 1922. The film was directed by William Craft and Edward Kull and had such actors/actresses as George Walsh, Louise Lorraine, Charles Mason (has no relation with Charles Manson), and William Welsh.[1]


Henry Morton Stanley (played by George Walsh) is sent to darkest Africa with a female reporter (played by actress Louise Lorraine) to find the missing British explorer Dr. Livingston. As the two of them travel through Africa, they stumble across a gang of slavers who at one point take the girl prisoner and even auction her off to the highest bidder. After dispensing with the slavers, Stanley and the girl eventually locate the missing Dr. Livingston in the heart of the African jungle.

The serial was based on the real-life story of Henry Morton Stanley and his two-year hunt to find Dr. David Livingstone in the African jungles. Even with that, not all of it is factual. For example, the run-in with the group of slavers was added into the serial to make it more interesting to watch.


Not much is available online for the serial. No trailer for the serial has been uploaded online. Only a poster of the film, some stills from the film and some pictures of buttons advertising the film remains online. The buttons had a mammal on it endemic to Africa. These include Addax, Cape Buffalo, Eland, Guib, Hyrax, Klipspringer, and Quagga.

Serial Episode List

  1. Jaws of the Jungle
  2. Grip of the Slavers
  3. Paths of Peril
  4. Finding Livingston
  5. The Flaming Spear
  6. Lost in the Jungle
  7. Trail of the Serpent
  8. Pool of Death
  9. Menace of the Jungle
  10. The Ordeal
  11. The Lion's Prey
  12. The Forest of Flame
  13. Buried Alive
  14. The Lair of Death
  15. The Good Samaritan
  16. The Slave's Secret
  17. The White Tribe
  18. Out of the Dark


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