Wolf (partially lost Tyler, the Creator album; 2010)

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Wolf album cover.jpeg

Album cover of the 2013 version of Wolf.

Status: Partially Lost

Before Tyler, the Creator got signed to XL, he had planned to create an album titled Wolf in 2010 to succeed his debut mixtape, 2009's Bastard. However, due to the record deal, Wolf 2010 was scrapped with some songs from Wolf being moved onto 2011's Goblin. Although Tyler would later create Wolf in 2013, it was very different compared to the original 2010 version of Wolf.[1]

A few songs from the supposed tracklist exist online, but the ones that are confirmed to be from 2010s Wolf was "WolfSwag", uploaded by user "Wolf2TheGang" in 2012 who mistakenly claimed it would be on the upcoming 2013 Wolf album. "Lucky Charms", uploaded to Youtube by "TerrorizeSpeed" in 2012, was also said to be on Wolf 2010. Additionally, a low-quality version of the songs "Mars" and "You're Drunk" were uploaded onto Youtube by "user 144596".

"swishahouse68" uploaded "Cherie" in 2012 after it was played on Transmission 3 of Animal Collective Radio. The song "Chewbacca" is a demo of the song "Ooh" by Pusha T. And a solo version of the song "Llama" was uploaded on TylerHub Discord on May 21st, 2022. It was first heard on December 17th, 2020, through a thirteen-second snippet of the song posted on Youtube by "Ace, The Creator". But after almost 2 years since the original snippet, the song was uploaded onto Discord by "Chravis". However, this version does not feature Earl Sweatshirt and it was made for Bastard, with the 2010 Wolf(this album) still being lost.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

While there is no confirmed tracklist, a Google Sheets document was posted by Youtuber casual in the comments section of OFWGKTA RARE's upload of "Adam's Family" with an alleged tracklist. Only a couple are available publicly online. Many of these were said to be mentioned in now-deleted tweets or played on old livestreams.[2]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

Song Status
WolfSwag Found
Lucky Charms Found
Mars Partially Found
Fish Found
Cherie Found
Good Morning (feat. Domo Genesis) Lost
Tron Cat Found
WSUP (feat. Toro y Moi) Lost
In The Sun (feat. Frank Ocean) Lost
Half n' Half Lost
Toilet Milk Partially Found
Mitten Kitten Lost
Berlin Lost
You're Drunk Partially Found
Unorthodox Lost
Nino Partially Found
Annie Partially Found
Chewbacca (feat. Hodgy Beats) Partially Found
Llama (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) Partially Found