World's Most Amazing Videos (partially found British dub of American reality TV series; 2004-2011)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

World's Most Amazing Videos is an American reality TV series produced by Nash Entertainment and NBCUniversal. The series was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Bravo, its sister channel Bravo 2 and Channel One (formerly known as Virgin 1) until their closure in January 2011. Series 1 was narrated by David Wartnaby, and Series 2 and 3 by Lee Boardman.

As of 2022, the show has not been broadcast on any UK TV channels since the closure of the Bravo channels and Channel One. As such, episodes of the UK dub are very hard to find online, with only two episodes having been found in full so far.

About[edit | edit source]

World’s Most Amazing Videos is the ultimate "'caught-on-camera" reality show, featuring the most heart-pounding, action-packed footage you’ve ever seen! Real life explosions, crashes, wild police chases, race cars out of control and stunts gone bad will keep your adrenaline pumping. Not only will you be amazed by the footage, you will hear from the people who experienced these incredible ordeals. Each week over a dozen true-life stories are told of people who faced their most desperate hour... and lived to tell about it.[1]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Series 1[edit | edit source]

# Description Status
1 Including a plane crashing into a house; a tidal wave which catches tourists off-guard; and a man who narrowly escapes being buried alive. Lost
2 Including an earthquake in Italy; a man who gets bitten by a furious wildcat; and a bungee jumping accident. Lost
3 Including a polar bear attack; a fight which breaks out during a parliamentary hearing in Taiwan; and a volcanic eruption in Japan. Lost
4 Including a dangerous driver with a history of mental illness; an animal rights activist gored by a bull; and flash floods in Brazil. Lost
5 Including a spectacular crash at Daytona race track; an incident at an airshow; and a man attacked by a kangaroo. Partially Found
6 This edition features a narrow escape at the world speed boat finals; a man injured by a killer whale; and a wild bear on the rampage. Lost
7 This edition features a narrow escape from a shark; a deranged gunman on the loose; and a fireman who gets seriously injured trying to rescue a cat. Partially Found
8 Including a diver attacked by an angry octopus; two paratroopers who get tangled up in mid-air; and a baby trapped at the bottom of a well. Lost
9 Including a horse which fell through a railway bridge; a man sucked into a jet engine; and an elephant that sat on a man's head. Found
10 Including a police chase involving an armed ex con; a car which appears to be reversing by itself; and a raging fire in a factory district. Lost
11 Including an elephant stuck in a mud pit; a hunter attacked by a wild boar; and a boxer's mother who will go to any lengths to stop her son losing. Lost
12 Including a polar bear stranded on an icy cliff; a spectacular helicopter crash; and an angry mob of peasant farmers in Brazil. Lost
13 Including a stunt driver's disastrous attempt to set a world record, and a car thief who survives a high speed crash. Lost
14 Featuring a brawl at an American football game; a man who steals a tank and drives it through San Diego; and a bull running amok in Seville. Lost
15 Featuring a fugitive on the run from police; a woman kidnapped at gunpoint; and a car spinning out of control during a jet race. Found
16 Featuring a fire raging through an apartment; armed police surrounding a house; and a stolen sports car being chased down a motorway. Lost
17 Featuring a knife-wielding bandit on a shoplifting spree, and a bulldozer which crashes into a prison, allowing the prisoners to escape. Partially Found
18 Featuring a mother and child who narrowly escape death, and a policeman who is forced to contend with an enraged motorist. Lost
19 A motorcyclist attempts to drive through a tunnel of fire and there's a streaker at a hockey match. Lost
20 Featuring a dramatic helicopter rescue and skydivers dressed as gorillas. Lost
21 A man is knocked off a jet ski; an elderly woman is stranded in a burning house; and a rider is thrown off a bucking bronco. Lost
22 Featuring motorbike stunts with Reckless Rex; an exterminator caught stealing; and a horse trapped in a raging river. Partially Found
23 Featuring a brawl at a Spanish football match; a crazed gunman in a Canadian court; and a man attempting to catch a thief red-handed. Lost

Series 2[edit | edit source]

# Description Status
1 Including a paragliding accident, a hostage situation and a rampaging bull. Lost
2 This edition's catalogue of life-threatening catastrophes includes a train crash, a flood and a botched robbery. Lost
3 Including a canoeist stuck in a whirlpool, and a base jumping accident. Partially Found
4 Featuring some rampaging elephants and a snowboarder who started an avalanche. Lost
5 Featuring a bungee jumping accident and an amateur magician locked in a box with some lit fireworks. Lost
6 Featuring rioting sports fans, a helicopter crash and a paraglider who hit some power lines. Lost
7 Featuring a scaffolding collapse and a petrol pump explosion. Lost
8 Featuring a fight in a TV newsroom, an exploding fireworks stall and a speedboat crashing into a yacht. Lost
9 Featuring a fire at a chemical plant, and a pram stuck in the doors of a moving train. Partially Found
10 Lions attack a zookeeper, a tornado picks up a house and a motorbike stunt goes wrong. Lost
11 A man dressed as Abraham Lincoln robs a store, and a fugitive throws a grenade at the police. Lost
12 Including an accident at a firework factory which destroyed most of a town. Lost
13 A skier breaks his legs during a jump, and a horse becomes trapped in mud. Lost
14 A drunk woman climbs a radio mast, and an oil barge explodes. Lost
15 A fight breaks out at a religious convention, and floods destroy homes in New Zealand. Lost
16 At a youth football game, the parents start fighting each other. Lost
17 In a bizarre incident, a moose is caught sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Lost
18 Despite the obvious danger, Ted Davenport decides to jump from the top of a 1,300-foot cliff. Lost
19 Once again, the dangers of bungee jumping are made painfully obvious. Lost
20 A mudslide destroys an Argentinian village in seconds, and a fire safety demonstration goes badly wrong. Lost
21 A light aircraft crashes into some power lines, and a parasailing trip goes badly wrong. Partially Found
22 Including a blaze at a fireworks factory, a plane crash at an airshow, and a talk show which ends in a fight. Lost
23 Including a kite-surfing accident, a motorway pile-up and a farmer's riot in South Korea. Lost
? An overloaded plane crashes into a school, and a base jumper is sucked into a waterfall. Lost
? A mountain biker falls 150 feet into a canyon, and a BMX rider tries to jump a flight of 33 steps. Lost

Series 3[edit | edit source]

# Title Status
1 Animals Gone Wild Lost
2 Maniacs Out Of Control Lost
3 Stunts Gone Bad Lost
4 Wasted, Reckless & Out Of Control Lost
5 Crash & Burn Lost
6 Wicked Wipe Outs Lost
7 When Good Sports Go Bad Lost
8 Terror In The Sky Lost
9 Freak Accidents Lost
10 Bare Knuckle Brawls Lost
11 Hell On Earth Lost
12 Nature's Fury Lost
13 Disasters Of The Deep Lost

Clips[edit | edit source]

S1 E22[edit | edit source]

Most amazing videos- scary racing accident.
Worlds most amzing videos-scary wave.

S2 E3[edit | edit source]

Lowrider convention gone wrong.
Helicopter crash on mountain side!.
Car crash / Car chase.
Carshow stunt gone wrong.

S1 Unknown[edit | edit source]

The Worlds Most Amazing Videos - Monster Truck Crash

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