Worst Intros On The Internet (partially found YouTube comedy series; 2015-2018)

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The thumbnail of Worst Intros On YouTube #62.

Status: Partially Found

The Worst Intros on the Internet was a series by YouTuber MrBeast which was created from 2015 until 2018 before all of the videos were either switched to private or deleted. At least 70 videos were created with only a few of them being re-uploaded.


In 2015 MrBeast started a series where he sits down and criticizes a YouTube intro, generally a Minecraft intro made by a child. Afterward, he says a comedic response.[1]

Running Jokes

MrBeast kept lots of running gags through the series such as "drinking bleach" (ex: "This intro is so bad, I am going to drink bleach."). Another joke is that he mentions how the intro made him lose brain cells and claims that seeing a stock video of an explosion would bring back his brain cells. Another joke is about his "giant Asian sticker", which is an oversized sticker on his wall that he makes talk, using text to speech. Later on in the series, he introduced the "old lady sticker", which features a picture of an old lady using an inhaler. There is one where he would have laid down on the road after seeing an awful intro. He also has a joke where he pretends to be a parent walking into their kid's room. They would then witness the intro and say something along the lines of "I am disowning you".

During that time he also had a joke when he asked his audience to run down the street shouting MrBeast. He would then react to them on worst intros. After a while of this, parents started complaining and asking questions, about why their kids where shouting MrBeast. In response, he told his audience to stop, and instead, go into a crowded area and shout MrBeast.[1]

Reason for privatiziation

MrBeast never gave a reason as to why he privatized most of the Worst Intros videos. The most common accepted reason as to why the Worst Intros videos were privatized is that they were edgier in comparison to his new more lighthearted content.

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