Xian Yue Meng Ying, or Reflection of Crescent (cancelled Chinese yaoi OVAs; 2011)

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Promotional poster for the series.

Status: Lost

Xian Yue Meng Ying, also known by its English title Reflection of Crescent was a Chinese animated project focusing on a romantic love triangle between male characters, living on a futuristic society where demons and humans coexist. Planned to be launched in OVA (Original Video Animation) format, the first official announcement was made on August 2010, with plans to be released sometime around 2011. However, it wasn't until 2015 when the full written script was announced. The project was cancelled or suspended after that, for unknown reasons. The animation studio, Great Demon Nation Production, didn't make an official statement aside than the project was moved on to another studio, and then faded to obscurity again.

Because of monetary problems from the original animation studio, the project was sold to Seven Stone Studio, but they also never made an official statement aside from the fact the full script was already written.[1]


The story was planned as a fantasy/sci-fi setting, where the humans start to experiment with their genome to become the superior race, while the demons try to reach the same goal through education and the rising of their cult. After a war between both clans, they make a deal to achieve peace, creating an institute where the youngest representants of both races can coexist.[2]

The three main characters are Kai YaLun, a representative of demons and the successor of the Demon King; Sal WeaGal, a distinguished member of the human elite; and WeiYi, a half-demon, half-human student.

Information Available

There is a lack of information about the project, remaining only the synopsis (found on Latin/Spanish forums at the date of its announcement), the names of the three main characters, and a trailer featuring the original studio (Great Demon Nation Production, which intended for this to be their first work). A website about the animation is known to exist, but it's currently down, with a free domain name and showing ads for lottery numbers. The website could be also considered lost, as the Wayback Machine can't find anything relating to the dates of production and release.

All the information about its release date was uploaded on Chinese websites who seem to have been deleted by now, with only a MyAnimeList page and some data on Spanish forums remaining.[3]

On 2012, Vocaloid China Project Senden Animation released a short series of chapters about three minutes, where YaLun and WeaGal appear as short cameos. It is unknown the reason why they appear on the series, excepting that both projects belong to Seven Stone Studio.

Distribution Rumors

There were rumors about a very limited proof distribution of the DVD, since some Chinese blogs about the animation posted information about the DVD, explaining it was a pack with one DVD containing the first OVA, a full-colored comic (manhua) and some image cards. It is not confirmed that this distribution occurred, even though photos of the manhua and the cards do exist.[4]


Promotional trailer of the first OVA.
Episode 3 of Vocaloid China, showing YaLun and WeaGal at minute 0:37.
Episode 4 of Vocaloid China, showing YaLun and WeaGal on combat, minute 1:25.


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