Xuxa 'Talk to Me' (partially found unreleased album; 1994)

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Xuxa Talk to Me cover .jpg

Rumored cover art for the album.

Status: Partially Found

Talk to Me is a lost album recorded Brazilian singer Xuxa and produced by Eric Thorngren under MTM Enterprises. It's slated release in 1994 was canceled.

Xuxa is a Brazilian entertainer who made her singing debut in 1985 with the Portuguese language album "Xuxa e Seus Amigos". In 1990 she began releasing Spanish music in both North and South America, which was well received.

An English language album for the U.S. market was planned to hit stores in 1994, to coincide with the release of the second season of her English language variety show "Xuxa". The album was to consist of 20 English adaptions of her previous Portuguese songs and one new original song, "Talk to Me" for which the album was named.

In early 1994, citing low-ratings and Xuxa's hospitalization due to exhaustion, the planned second season of her television program and album release were cancelled.

Many of the tracks from this album were performed on her show, several of them were also released on cassette tapes which were included with the line of Xuxa dolls produced by RoseArt in 1993. Low-quality, unofficial versions of this album have circulated on the market but no official studio version has been released.

Rumored Tracklist

  1. Xuxa's Theme
  2. Chindolele
  3. Ilarie
  4. Our Song Of Piece
  5. Crazy About You
  6. Xuxa's Dance
  7. An X On Your Heart
  8. Talk To Me
  9. Do Say
  10. Rainbow
  11. The Alfabet Song
  12. Xuxa's Recipe
  13. The Flea
  14. Froggy, Froggy
  15. Today's a Happy Day
  16. Life is a Party
  17. The Tribe of Love
  18. Alert
  19. All America
  20. The Miracle of Love
  21. Crystal Moon