Yeah Yeah Beebiss I (unreleased video game; existence unconfirmed; late 1980s)

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Scan from magazine mentioning the mysterious game.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Yeah Yeah Beebiss I is a potentially non-existent video game that was first mentioned in a June 1989 listing for mail-order video game service, Play It Again, in an issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.[1]


The game was found again in subsequent advertisements from Play It Again in July, August, and September.

Additionally, in October, a nearly identical advertisement was placed by another mail-order video game service, Funco. These also had a listing for the game, shortened to Yeah Beebiss I. Though, despite the shortening, Yeah Beebiss I was still wrongly alphabetized between Wrestlemania and Xenophobe as it had been in Play It Again. Listings continued until January 1990.

Nothing further surfaced about Beebiss after this time and, as such, it's unknown if the game was simply a bad translation, a placeholder, or even a game at all.


Copyright trap

It's alleged that the game was fabricated as a copyright trap, intended to serve as evidence if another games service copied the list.


It's alleged due to its peculiar title that the game was fabricated in order to account for blank space in its respective section.

Alleged candidates

Rai Rai Kyonshis: Baby Kyonshi no Amida Daibouken

A commonly-supported theory is that Yeah Yeah Beebiss I is the hastily localized name adaptation of the NES/Famicom platformer Rai Rai Kyonshis: Baby Kyonshi no Amida Daibouken (来来キョンシーズ・べビーキョンシーのあみだ大冒険), from Bandai's Family Trainer series.[2]

The "Rai Rai" (a Japanese sound meant to evoke traditional China) is reminiscent of the "Yeah Yeah" part of the title while the "Baby" in the title could have been rendered as "Beebiss". Rai Rai Kyonshis also happened to have been released in 1989.

In the end, however, it remained a Japan-exclusive title.

Super Pitfall 2

It has been speculated that Yeah Yeah Beebiss I's identity is Super Pitfall 2, a cancelled sequel to Activision's 1986 NES platformer Super Pitfall that would have also served as a localized version of Sunsoft's Famicom title Atlantis no Nazo.

On January 29, 2012, NintendoAge user Luigi_Master posted his hypothesis of the game's origin:

I had this discussion with an IRL friend of mine about making a Famicom Kuso-ge, and I decided to "make" one that would've been localized as "Yeah Yeah Beebiss I", with the title being written in Japanese. So I looked up the Romaji for what I would assume would sound like "Bi Be Su" (?? ?), and plopped it into Google translate. It was translated as "The Bibe". I decided to look up what "Bibe" meant, but thought I meant "Beebe", and behold.

Beebe was the surname of an American explorer and naturalist, and I decided to piece things together. The I probably was taken from the Roman Numeral II as a typo, and the fact Beebe was an explorer, maybe YYBI turned out to be Super Pitfall 2!?

It's crazy, I know, but truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction!

However, there has been no conclusive or concrete evidence to support this theory.